Bilecik entering the house from the rock wall rolling from YHT line construction

The rock rolled from the construction of YHT line in Bilecik entered the house from the wall: The rock pieces rolling due to the construction of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line in Bilecik pierced the roof and wall of the houses of Aysel Ertürk and his wife Tahir Öztürk.
Aysel Ertürk, who lives in Başköy, in the center, said that due to the construction of the YHT line, a decision of expropriation was made to their own carpenter's workshop adjacent to their houses and houses. Expressing that they were not paid despite the expropriation decision, Ertürk stated that they did not vacate their houses and carpentry workshops for this reason.
2 mother of children Aysel Erturk, Bilecik-Istanbul between the construction of the YHT line tunnels have been opened because of the work, near the mountainous areas of these studies, therefore, rock pieces tumbled towards their homes, he said. Aysel Erturk told that some of the rocks had penetrated the roof and wall of their houses and did not have the security of their lives.
“TCDD officials say 'get out of here'. Where are we going? My husband is a carpenter, this is our home and workplace. Our house was expropriated but our money was not paid. The deed is still on us. Due to the High Speed ​​Train Line construction works, rocks are constantly rolling towards our house. Some of the rocks make holes in our walls, some of them enter our roof. It almost feels like rock on our heads. We have no security of life. Although we have warned the authorities many times, no measures are taken. We are at risk of dying under the rocks at any moment.

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