Bayraktepe Ski Center Sledges ready for winter

📩 24/11/2018 12:40

Bayraktepe Ski Center in the sleigh ready for winter: important winter tourism centers of Turkey is located between the sleigh used in Sarıkamış district of Kars was prepared for the future tourist district in the ski season.
Turkey's major ski resorts in the skid horses used for tourism purposes Sarikamish located in the town, it began to hook fitting shoe for winter.

Horse sleighs, which are indispensable means of transportation for citizens in the city center and used for touring in Bayraktepe Ski Center, were used for freight transportation in summer.

In winter, it is used by the local and foreign tourists for the purpose of a trip to the horseback horses, horseshoes by a hooked horseshoe. Yellow pine forests
sled holders, offering tourists the opportunity to prepare for the new season.

Sledge holders, for the summer cottages removed by removing the snow and snow to replace the effect of winter horseshoe wear. Bülent Göğdaş, who is a horse rider and also a farrier, told AA correspondent that he was doing horse riding in the summer and horse riding in the winter and care of the sleds during the winter preparations and that they changed the horses' horses.

Stating that he wore horseshoes in the garden of his house in Tepe Neighborhood, Göğdaş said that he wore winter shoes on both his and other sledmen's horses.
He stressed.

Göğdaş said, “There was heavy snow in our region. With the coming of winter, with the snowfall, we removed the summer shoes of the horses and put them in the winter shoes.
Just before the start of the winter season, the tires of the cars are changing, we are wearing the winter horseshoe. These hooks are steel of cars
We make it from scissors. Because we want it to keep snow and ice better and to be safe, ”he said.

After removing the summer horseshoe horses on the feet of the horses to clean the nails, explaining what they do Göğdaş horseshoe horses attached to the slides and test drive after the beginning of the work done stressed.