Unlawfulness registered in the capital

Unlawfulness was registered in the capital: The Ankara Regional Administrative Court found that the total cancellation of the tender was unlawful and halted the execution.
The illegality in the Başkentray tender, which was made by TCDD last year, was registered by the court decision. The tender awarded to the Kolin-Gülermak partnership was completely canceled upon objections. The Ankara Regional Administrative Court found it unlawful for the KİK to cancel the tender altogether and suspended the execution.
Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration (TCDD) on 25 April 2012, 'Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş Line of Isaiah again the work of Edie (BAŞKENTRAY) was tender meat. 17 bids were submitted for the tender. However, 13 of these offers were left out of evaluation. Kolin-Gülermak Partnership's offer was accepted as the most suitable one among the 4 offers that were accepted as valid. Kolin-Gülermak Partnership had undertaken the tender with an approximate cost of 350.832.791 Euros with a bid of 186.235.935 Euros (approximately 510 million TL).
Comsa-Açarım-Seza Partnership objected to the tender result, claiming that the Kolin-Gülermak Partnership offered extremely low bids and that it was against the legislation. Just as the railways rejected the appeal, they also excluded the appeal's proposal. Upon the complaint of the Comsa-Açıma-Seza Partnership, with the decision of the Ankara 12th Administrative Court, the proposal of the complainants was re-evaluated and it was determined as the second best offer. However, the complainant, Comsa-Opening-Seza Partnership, made a second objection, stating that the offer of the Kolin-Gülermak Partnership was extremely low and that the statement made was against the legislation. Upon the second objection, the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) found the extremely low bid statement of Kolin-Gülermak Partnership against the legislation. However, the JCC canceled the tender for other reasons. While the bid of Kolin-Gülermak Partnership was left out of evaluation and the tender had to be finalized with other valid bids, it was found quite remarkable that the tender was canceled completely.
Complainant Comsa-Opening-Seza Partnership objected to the cancellation of the tender this time and filed a complaint. Ankara Regional Administrative Court, which handled the complaint, made the following decision: `` ... Since it is understood that the defendant administration exceeded the limits of the investigation authority granted to it by the law while establishing the subject matter process, an evaluation should be made and a decision should be made within the framework of the allegations made by the plaintiff company, while the cancellation of the tender There is no compliance with the law in the action subject to the case… It was decided to suspend the execution of the action subject to the action, which was found to be unlawful and would cause the compensatory damage to the plaintiff. " Upon this decision of the Court, the JCC annulled its previous decision on 20 November 2013 and decided to review the file on the merits.

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