Tireboluya railway good news from Prime Minister Erdogan

Prime Minister Erdogan Tireboluy railway gospel: from Giresun for the weekend public opening and was addressed Osman Aga square Speaking to about 60 thousand enthusiasm crowded meets the cat bulunarak evaluation of the Republic of Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan national and Giresun agenda public.
Giresun hosted Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the weekend he lived in one of its historical days. Erdogan said, “First God, then this beloved nation is enough for us” in his opening speech of the investments with a crowd.
After making statements about the agenda, Prime Minister Erdogan made statements about the airport, Eğribel tunnel and Railway, which are vital for Giresun, and made good news to Giresun.
Explaining that he made examinations at the airport, Prime Minister Erdogan reminded that this project is continuing rapidly and that it will be flown in 2014.
Prime Minister ERDOĞAN's statement and good news about the railway
Prime Minister Erdogan made statements in the context of the Tirebolu-centered project, which Giresun had been waiting for about 150 years and the project work has been continuing since Abdulhamit (1872), and he gave the following expressions for the Railway in the content of his speech:
Our work on our Trabzon, Tirebolu, Gümüşhane, Erzincan railway project is also continuing. With this railway, railway connection will be provided between Giresun and Eastern Anatolia Region. Transportation of Giresun with the inner regions will be easier and commercial life will gain vitality.
Railway Platform President Sedat Pir met with Transport Minister YILDIRIM
The head of the Giresun Railway Platform, Sedat PİR, met with the Minister of Transport and Communications Binali Yıldırım at the mass opening ceremonies in Görele district, which is the second leg of the prime minister's Giresun program. Binali Yıldırım left the room for the meeting of the prime minister in Görele municipality after the speech and evaluations that lasted about 2 minutes.
Platform president PİR: Anything can happen at any moment
Giresun for railway project and Sedat Pir, president of Giresun railway platform, who mentioned that it might be the biggest project for our region until the apocalypse, made remarkable statements.
We should not ignore any detail. Our Prime Minister gave us the good news. If the Erzincan-Trabzon railway project does not pass through Tirebolu, our Giresun province will never benefit from this historical project and cannot reach the Eastern Anatolia and the interior regions. It is certain that the Railway will be connected to Tirebolu (Giresun) in the Ak Party government and its future governments. The only and the biggest project that will save Giresun from the squeeze and shrinkage between the provinces is the Railway Project. Giresun NGOs should throw away the dead soil on them and fulfill their duties in this historical project.
Sedat Pir, the head of the Railway Platform indicating that new searches for the railway, which is considered for both freight transportation and passenger transportation, should not perform oriental cunning, but some open eyes report to the ministry for the new 2 months for the last XNUMX month. .This project is a project that Giresun and the region can achieve by standing up and insisting altogether.



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