Prime Minister Erdogan talked about Transportation Investments in Edirne

Prime Minister Erdogan explained the Transportation Investments in Edirne: Prime Minister Erdogan said that with Marmaray, the level of contemporary civilizations has been exceeded, Beijing and London are connected to each other, and Ankara will be connected to Istanbul by high-speed train.
Stating that high-speed trains operate between Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya, Konya-Eskişehir, Erdoğan reminded that the construction works of a new tube passage and the third bridge where the vehicles will pass from the south of Marmaray are continuing.
Erdogan said, “We were determined, we believed and succeeded, but all together. "As long as we see you behind us as the nation, as long as you give us this support, we will make many more works."
Expressing that they doubled the number of airports and THY ranked among the top 7 among the most respected airlines in the world, Erdogan stated that 7 private airline companies serve together with THY.
Expressing that he did not come to this place by lying down and lying in a standstill, Erdogan said that now he can travel comfortably by plane, as if traveling by bus. Reminding that Çorlu airport is still in service, Erdoğan stated that they will provide training services and bring an airport where small planes can land to Edirne.
Noting that a suspension bridge will be built in Izmir Bay and thus Istanbul will be connected to Izmir, Erdogan stated that the transportation between Istanbul and Izmir will be seriously relaxed.
Reminding that they define the road as "civilization", Erdoğan said that bridges also have a unifying feature.



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