Balıkesir Gulf Fast Railway

Balıkesir Gulf Fast Railway: For the development of a country, a city or even a village, it must first have solved the transportation problem. It is not possible to reach the market in terms of investment, trade or touristic purposes without making easy, safe, cheap and fast transportation of others. Intercity marketplace is often linked to the state of transportation.
Transportation problems are the most important reason for the slow development of Balıkesir, its development in the development of neighboring provinces, Bursa and Manisa.
In the first period of the AK Party Government, the most important transportation project was the target of divided roads. Even if discussed, this goal has been achieved. Intercity roads have also become safer.
Even though it is a bit late in Balıkesir, the transportation problem that has been waiting for this target for a long time has recently come to a rapid resolution stage.
After the ”split road projects ın of the AK Party Government have been largely dealt with, we see that yıl the railway transportation and high-speed train project yeni and edil regionalization of the motorway network“ have been neglected for years in our country as a new term project.
The cities want to connect with both rail and highway networks, the AK Party Government.
These two transportation networks of Balıkesir are:-İstanbul-Bursa-Balıkesir-İzmir Highway Project Balıkes and “İstanbul-Bursa-Balıkesir-İzmir High-Speed ​​Train Project Balıkes
Both projects will contribute to Balıkesir with great contribution and dynamism.
The highway project route was determined and the construction was started. It is progressing rapidly by Istanbul. Expropriation works are over in Balıkesir. After a short time, highway construction works will start in our city.
İzmir-Bursa-Balıkesir-İzmir High Speed ​​Train Project is currently under preparation. The route has not been finalized.
Ministry of Transport is doing the technical examination and calculations. Firstly, Bursa-Istanbul-Ankara High-Speed ​​Line will be connected via Bilecik. Then the durum Bursa-Karacabey-Bandirma Line-and-Bursa-Balikesir-Soma-Bergama-Aliaga-Menemen-Izmir-Line will be realized.
When these high speed train lines are completed, dakika Balıkesir-Ankara 2 hour 45 minute İzmir, İzmir Balıkesir-İstanbul 1 hour İstanbul, İstanbul Balıkesir-İzmir 40 minute Bu and X Balıkesir-Bursa 30 will be in the distance.
Balıkesir will have an economical and reliable transportation alternative with fast rail.
It is obvious that Balıkesir will become one of the highest cities of socio-economic development with the advantages of both the rapid rail and the highway and the development of our industry, development of new investments and intensive agricultural activity.
It will also affect the economy of the country positively as it will be provided to be faster, safer, comfortable, environmentally friendly and economical by the fast rail to be built. Today, one of Turkey's most modern transport can break the shell a kind of high-speed trains and unable to use the advantages that have come to Balıkesir is extremely gratifying.
As the Istanbul-Bursa-Balıkesir-Izmir High Speed ​​Railway Project is still in the design phase, we need to develop recommendations for this project to contribute to the Balıkesir route and to make more benefits for Balıkesir.
It is understood that the old train line for this line was considered as İzmir Balıkesir-Savaştepe-Soma-Aliağa-Menemen-İzmir “.
Balıkesir-Burhaniye-Ayvalık-Aliağa-Menemen-İzmir will be more beneficial for this line.
If a line will be used as determined by the Ministry of Transport and if the line we propose will not be in demand, the ğ Balıkesir-Edremit High Speed ​​Line de must be added as an independent.
In Balıkesir, the route with the highest population movement is summer in the Balıkesir Gulf route. Although a great place to relax with a divided road construction of this route will be in place to take advantage of this line of attack Turkey's high-speed rail project.
Balıkesir-Körfez if connected by high-speed rail transportation Balıkesir Bursa 30 minutes in the face of the calculation of Balıkesir-Edremit will be in 15 minutes. If this period is provided, the Gulf airport will be at the distance of 15 to the center of Balıkesir, which means that the Gulf airport will have a huge passenger potential.
Altınoluk-Akçay-Edremit-Burhaniye-Gömeç-Ayvalık region It is very important for Balıkesir to use fast and safe transportation facilities to reach to the market, especially for the domestic and foreign tourism and olive produced here.
This line must be connected to Izmir, Balıkesir with absolute rail transportation. In fact, with the connection to be made with Çanakkale, especially for the transportation of goods to the Bay will be a great contribution to the Bay after a step should be considered.
More operability at the Gulf airport kazanThis will generate the cost.
According to the project of the Ministry of Transport, the Fast Railway connects to Izmir from Aliaga. Therefore, the connection between Aliağa and Ayvalık-Burhaniye-Edremit will make a great contribution to the Gulf from this point.
Given that rail transport is not only for passenger transport but also for transporting cheap and safe goods, it is clear that this route is unquestionable in the Gulf region.
Balıkesir is no longer a Metropolitan. The faster the solution of road, rail, air and sea transportation problems will be the new star of our country.


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