Minister Yilmaz will test the reamer

Minister Yilmaz will test the rebound: National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz, comes to Sivas for the rebus. Yilmaz, Divrigi-Sivas due to transportation problems due to the completed rebuild will test the ride.
After the program in Malatya, the National Defense Minister Yilmaz will come to the district of Divrigi on Sunday, will visit a family of martyrs in the village of Cukuroz. Minister Yilmaz will examine the historical mansions, then the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Grand Mosque will receive information about the restoration. Finally, Divriği-Sivas between the first time the bus will move to Sivas Ismet Yilmaz, then the highway will pass to Ankara. By train, 3-hour Divriği-Sivas will take the 2 hour.

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