Simit Karaborsa at Aydın-İzmir Train

Simit Karaborsa on the Aydın-İzmir Train: Simit, one of the traditional snacks of Turkish people and the indispensable food of the morning breakfasts, fell to the black market in the trains. Aydın-İzmir flights by train citizens, the price of the bagels in the train of the sellers reacted to the understanding of profit.
Usually on a train journey that began in the early morning and began the Aydin-Izmir breakfast on the train stating that they do the citizens of the citizens of Huriye Uyaroğlu TCDD also asked the authorities to inspect the sales made on the train. Huriye Uyaroğlu, who stated that the bagels prices in 50 kuruş and 75 kuruş in Aydın are sold to 1 TL in the train, and uş Most of the citizens of Aydın are doing the journey to İzmir by train. But the prices of snacks, such as bagels, bulls and pies, sold on the train, are black market. Who sells that price. With the recent improvements and the operation of the railroads, the train journey in Aydın became very beautiful. We want the TCDD authorities to make arrangements on the train sales T.

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