Ayder Plateau should be made of cable car (Video)

Cable car should be built in Ayder Plateau: The world-famous Ayder Plateau in Rize's Çamlıhemşin district is flooded by holidaymakers, especially on weekends.

Ayder Plateau is a popular destination for those who want to come and visit the weekend and to get away from the intensity of daily life. Ayder Plateau welcomes tens of thousands of local and foreign visitors every year, and attracts the attention of those who want to enjoy the snow in winter.

The hills covered with pine trees in Ayder Plateau, famous for its hot springs, turn white in winter and offer a different beauty. Wooden hotels and old highland houses in the plateau integrate with snow-covered forests, creating a magnificent view.

Visitors to Ayder enjoy snow by playing snow ball in the snow, which reaches about 50 centimeters, sliding in the snow with a sled, nylon or tube (car inner tube).

Aydin Environment and Tourism Association Chairman Ömer Altun, AA correspondent, overnights with rare beauty in nature building in Turkey plateau, the year that serve 12 months tourism, summer said winter spas that pleasure is presented.

Stating that the natural beauty and hot springs of Ayder Plateau are interesting as well as seasonal beauties, Altun said, “Continuous snow cleaning is carried out on the plateau road with a construction machine. The road is kept open 24 hours a day. I invite visitors to see these beauties. ”

Noting that they want to build a cable car in the snow-covered Ayder Plateau for about 6 months of the year, Altun said, “Our citizens want to enjoy the skiing pleasure in Ayder. They are skiing with various materials for this purpose, but if the cable car is built, we will make the visitors leave more satisfied. We also raise Ayder's bar. In this sense, various efforts have been made to build a ski center in the region, but we want it to be accelerated. ”