Aydemir, Transport and communication have made great moves

Aydemir, Transport and communication have made great strides: the Parliamentary Budget Commission Member AK Party Manisa Deputy Uğur Aydemir said in a press release, açık the first day of the AK Party government and transportation as a matter of transportation infrastructure, not just a infrastructure problem, but the development of a total development. In the 11 year, the number of those that have been performed for a long time has been more than that. These structures also who carries reform and revolution as revealed by Turkey's economic development efforts, "he said.
Hem When we look at the relationship between the level of development and transportation of countries, we see that development, economic development, and the locomotive sector of welfare society are possible with the transportation and communication sector if. we see that civilizations have close economic and social interactions but they are rooted in transportation and they bring their effects to future generations. Our homeland is a cradle of civilizations that have hosted many civilizations. This is why rooted trade and migration routes have been found at the crossroads of east-west crossing corridors. Every civilization is undoubtedly dependent on the road, but our civilization is a path in itself. We are a nation that has internalized the concept of road with all faculties. The idea that life is a journey that begins with a birth and ends in death is the fundamental building block of our vast culture. Hayat
In recent years, it is important to provide transportation services in a safe, punctual, fast, more comfortable and integrated way. kazanAydemir, who stated that he was “This development necessitates the establishment of an effective transportation infrastructure and the implementation of policies that minimize damage to the environment, taking into account the concept of sustainability, which emphasizes safety in transportation modes. At the end of 2012, the length of the highway network reached 2.236 km, the length of the divided road reached 22.253 km together with the highways, and the length of the road network covered with hot bituminous mixture (BSK) suitable for heavy vehicle traffic reached 15.386 km. In this context, the target of a divided road network of 15.000 km and the length of a road network of 14.500 km with BSK were exceeded. In road passenger transport, service quality has increased as a result of competitive pressure from the market itself and from other modes of transport. In the last 10 years, 7.500 km of roads have been renewed. While 2003 km of road renewal and maintenance was carried out in 69, 2011 km of roads were renewed in 830 and 2012 km of roads were renewed in 747. As of October 2013, 700 km of roads were renewed and it is aimed to reach 1.000 km by the end of the year. In our world, which has now become a big village, our country makes its presence felt by being strong, accessible and accessible within and in its region. With this in mind, our Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications has developed and implemented a sustainable, people-oriented transportation and communication policy since 2003, which takes into account all segments of the society and the needs of the country, and has planned priority and importance. While making investments, it has served every corner of our country without saying east-west, north-south, and it has been its main mission to leave no accessible and accessible settlements.”
I The 1950-2002 period, where the road-weighted transportation policies introduced by the post-World War II conjuncture has been preceded and a period of stagnation, has been a period in which the railroads have been completely neglected and only 945 kilometers have been built in this period kt; Tır Our government has determined the railway sector as a priority transportation type and increased the share of railway investments in order to make the existing structure, which is on highways, more balanced since 2003 year. A total of 2005 kilometers (2012 kilometers) were constructed, with the 137-1.094 being the year in which 3.400-XNUMX was considered as a priority for all modes of transport. Currently, the construction of the XNUMX kilometer railway continues. H
Aydemir noted that the importance given to the railway showed itself in the investment planning at the point of reaching the determined targets and continued as follows; Yıl 2003 billion TL resources have been transferred to railway sector with 2013 prices in 2013-40 years. As a result of the investments made since 2003; 888 km High speed train line including total 1.094 km. The railway is built. 2.192 km. The construction of the railway is still underway. As of today, 8.770 km has a total 2.350 km rail network, including conventional mainline, 888 km secondary and 12.008 high speed train lines. When the reconstruction of the railways in our country is completed in 2023; 1,7 billion TL will be saved at the external cost in passenger traffic and 12,2 billion TL will be saved at the load compared to the truck.

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