Public Transport Warning for AÖF Students - Gaziantep

Public Transport Vehicle Warning to OEF Students: The candidates who will attend the exams to be held at Gaziantep University (GAUN) Campus of the Faculty of Open Education on 14-15 December were warned to use tramway and other public transportation vehicles.
AÖF Gaziantep Exam Coordinator Dr. Mehmet Ozaslan, bad weather conditions affect the transportation negatively, in the previous exam periods with special tools to stay on campus reminded the candidates remain in a difficult situation.
Professor Dr. Özaslan warned, saying that there is no parking place due to snow, “Our students who will take the OEF exam can reach the campus entrance of Gaziantep University by using both tram and bus and minibuses. It is in our own interest that our students use public transportation, taking into account the difficulty of finding a place to park their private vehicles. ”
Professor Dr. Ozaslan, warned, thousands of people will take the exam in GAUN camp, all of these people will take the exam in the vicinity of the car park in the vicinity of the chance to find a parking lot, he added.

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