Metal roof to the water at the station in Ankara

Metal roof to the water of the station in Ankara: Ankaray'ın station station during the construction of escalators in the station did not stop the water, authorities found the solution to cover the exit of two stations with metal roof.
Ankara Hurriyet previously, metal College in the subway pains, the head of the College in trouble with the water eme brought to the agenda, Ankaray College station during the work of escalators in the underground water, metal roofed measures were taken.
Environmental tradesmen and citizens using the College station, indicating that the solution point is late, "the ladder business with the company before the evacuation pumps by giving water to Ziya Gokalp Street, waited for the reduction of the level of spring water. When the water was deposited at the College junction, the number of water pumps was increased to the sewer. Number of hoses, number of pumps increased but no solution found. And now they put a roof over it and closed the station. Now I think they will ignore these sections that will throw concrete on the last one. Bu
Metropolitan Municipality officials in the negotiations with the firm that took the staircase, up to two weeks, the College said the problem will be solved the problem and added:
Dı The escalator at the college had a setback when it started working. We spent a lot of time trying to fix this. The sole purpose of the metal-roofed measure was to ensure that the work was not affected by the rain and the cold. In addition, there will be no distress at the College for up to two weeks will make our citizens comfortable. We will take a very important step for our disabled and elderly citizens. Engelli

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