Unable to stop water leaks in Ankara Station

Unable to stop water leak at Ankarayın College Station: The water leak starting at Ankaray's College Station 3 months ago could not be stopped. Teams that drain the water for a long time, the water came from the ground so that they would cover the insulation material, he said.
Ankara Hurriyet, previously brought to the agenda of Ankaray'ın College station from the source water could not stop a kind.
During the construction of the ongoing escalator at the college station, the water from the underground continues to flow for about three months. The company, which took the escalator, increased the number of four evacuation pumps to six, but no solution was found. Citizens worried about the situation, the authorities said they would close on top of the water as a last resort.
Ankaray'ın stairway in the work of the authorities of the company before the authorities with five evacuation pumps by giving water to Ziya Gokalp Street, waited for the level of the spring water to decrease. However, when the level did not decrease, the number of pumps was increased to six and the water was transferred to the nearby sewer line. Authorities said that the water is very intense, belir We do our best. We'il solve the problem soon. We waited a while for the level to decrease, but it was not what we wanted. Now we will do waterproofing to cover the water, Şimdi he said.
Tired of the traces of the ongoing water ordeal, the shopkeepers and residents told us that they had entered the station from a makeshift site like a tunnel.
Ilar The studies started on the day before the water was transferred to the road. Ziya Gokalp Street has returned to the lake. When I realized that the water would not stop, an instant solution was produced by transferring the relay. We have not seen any progress in the studies that have been going on for almost three months. We're having trouble getting in and out of the college station. We want the authorities to give back our old staircase, even if it's not walking.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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