Alstom Pendolino launches new speed record in Poland

Alstom sets a new speed record in Poland with Alstom Pendolino train: Alstom sets a high speed record at Polish 293 at a speed of XNUMX during tests with the Pendolino train on the Gora Wlodowska - Psary line in northwestern Krakow.
The record was broken during the tests conducted by Alstom with the participation and cooperation of PKP Intercity in order to get the roaming permission of 2011 Pendolino train, which was ordered by the Polish operator PKP Intercity in 20. PKP Intercity will be able to launch Pendolino trains at the end of 2014. The contract signed with PKP Intercity also includes 17 annual maintenance and construction of a new maintenance depot, which will be opened in the first quarter of 2014. Trains; Warsaw, Gdansk, Gdynia, Krakow, Katowice and Wroclaw line will be operated.
The high-speed record in Poland was previously broken by 250 km / h in 1994 by a Pendolino train. The highest speed ever recorded with a Pendolino train had been 2007 km / h in Italy in 283. This technological advance is another indication of Alstom's excellence, which is one of the world's leading companies with three years of experience in 30 in the high-speed and high-speed train market.

Pendolino is the world's best-selling high-speed train with the total 500 train set up to the bug. Pendolino, which has a certificate of business in 13 country, runs smoothly through the seven international borders while in operation. Commercial enterprises in 25 years of experience and designed the R & D program with Alstom's this high-speed train to our further optimize the performance, seeking to develop high-speed transport Turkey, North America, Russia, meets the needs of all regions of the world, including the CIS and Asia to be able to.
Pendolino is designed to operate at high speed and conventional lines at 250 km / h. Due to its success, modular and flexible structure, many features of Pendolino can be arranged in accordance with the preferred configuration - from the internal layout to the number of vehicles (from 4 to 11) to the power supply, up to and down to the suspension. It can be operated in extreme climatic conditions (up to 45 ° and -45 ° C). Pendolino also allows the body to be viewed at an 8 rating of up to 250, and
The 30-35 can be equipped with the Tiltronix system, which provides a faster and more comfortable travel compared to conventional trains.
Alstom's Savigliano plant in Italy is currently under construction, with PKP (Poland) and SBB (Switzerland). Some important parts of the Pendolino train is also being manufactured in Turkey.

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