The allegations of corruption in the historical artifacts from the excavation of Marmaray

Allegations of corruption in the historical artifacts found in the Marmaray excavation: It is alleged that among the accusations that led to the detention of approximately 49 people, the historical artifacts found in the Marmaray excavation were sold under hand.
About 49 people, including children of some ministers and famous businessmen, were detained in the corruption operations that started in the morning. Among the accusations against those detained in the operation carried out by the branches of the Financial and Organized Crime Branches, along with the claim of "irregularity", "imaginary export" and "granting citizenship through the ministry with bribery", as well as the historical works that Prime Minister Erdogan reacted by saying "pottery" during the Marmaray excavations. There is also “sold underhand without public disclosure”.
There is no official explanation for the corruption operation yet. But there are striking allegations about the operation that detained children and businessmen. According to the news on the Vatan newspaper's website, some of the allegations that constitute the basis of the charges are as follows:
* 1 years of ongoing physical and technical follow-up investigation in the investigation of some business people, such as false documents and imaginary exports to the methods of suspicious money transfers said.
* Among the allegations that the ministers were granted citizenship by bribery over the sons of Turkish citizenship.
* Reconstruction irregularities, rant corruption, local administrations of the development of land bribery and bribery through the ministry of illegal zoning.
* Among the claims of the sale of the historical monuments unearthed during the excavations of Marmaray without being announced to the public.
In addition, the custody of three presidential board managers and two committee reporters from the building where the Regional Boards of Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Istanbul strengthened the accuracy of these claims. The police confiscated files on the protection board.

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