Akkent-Gar Tram Expeditions Restarted (Photo Gallery)

Akkent-Gar Tram Expeditions Restart: Light Rail System Ibrahim 3 is the most successful example of urban transportation solutions by the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep. The work on the phase line was finalized.
15 1 on November. and 2. 3 with stage lines. teams that are connected to the Metropolitan Municipality, Transportation and Rail Systems and the Department of Science Affairs, have completed the rail system flights between Akkent and Gar.
Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Asim Guzelbey, ray 15 Since November, Zubeyde Hanim Boulevard and Kadi Milling between scissors and rail we did. 3 within the scope of the study. We are connecting to the existing (main) line from Bahriye Üçok Street in the work of Etap İbrahimli-Tugay line. In this respect, we took a temporary break on the tram lines on this line. Thanks to the 10 bellows bus, 4 normal bus and ring buses, we have provided transportation from Akkent to Rasaf road instead of being a victim. Until the end of the work, the trams made their voyage between Akkent-Rasaf Road, Rasaf Yolu and Akkent stations. Rasaf Yolu-Gar, Gar-Rasaf Road between the bus with the transfer of the bus we completed the bus. 04 On December Wednesday we completed the scissors and joining works at 06.00 and restarted the tram services between Akkent and Gar X.
Güzelbey, who thanked the people of Gaziantep for the sensitivity they showed during the works, said: .

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