What the Prime Minister wants from Konya

What does it want from the Prime Minister in Konya: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who came to Konya to attend the Şeb-i Arus Ceremony, citizens of Konyalı, non-governmental organizations, and chamber heads, what do they want from the Prime Minister? Here's the answer.
Konya Chamber of Commerce President Selçuk, Öztürk, MUSIAD Chairman of the Konya Branch. Lütfi Şimşek, CHP President of Konya Province Mevlüt Karpuz, Public-Sen Province Representative Sadi Eriş and many citizens ek
Here are Konya's expectations from the Prime Minister ...
”Konya contributes“
Konya Ozgur Selcuk Ozturk, the president of Konya Chamber of Commerce, stated that Konya has made a great contribution to the success of our country in the last ten years. N 2001 million exports in million years in 100 has increased this number by 13 in eleven years. Last year, just ahead of a ten Konya known for its export of agricultural products, diversifying their industrial products during this period, "diversity in export performance" in terms of 104 4 different products in Turkey. is ranked. Konya in the middle and high-tech products export growth rate with another achievement of Turkey above the average figure is not included in the first row again. Konya, which produces, invests, makes a great contribution to the country's employment. 9 6 percent, while average unemployment in Turkey in Konya percent of this figure, "he said.
”Infrastructure required“
The most important problem in the trade in our city is the inadequacy of transportation infrastructure, Öztürk said. The non-port trade cities also completed their transport infrastructure and improved their development. This situation is the most important problem for Konya, which has no connection to the ports and has lost the property of being on the trade route in the history a.
”Mersin rail should be bidirectional“
Currently, the line on Mersin cannot be used efficiently due to the unidirectional nature and the heavy processing of the existing transports. Today, the time spent by a freight train from Konya to Mersin is 12. This period also adversely affects the sectors where the sea road is used extensively. More importantly, it blocks large-scale investments in Konya. In this context, for the development of Konya railway freight transport, a second line should be installed on the existing Mersin railway line and the transportation should be relieved by mutual flights.
”Airport insufficient“
The fact that Konya has a civilian airport within the transportation projects is also important, Öztürk said. Türk The existing airport and air transportation in Konya is inadequate and causes difficulties in air transportation. Considering Konya's increasing weight in international trade, the civilian airport has become a necessity. Fayda
Ozturk continued, X The establishment of a Logistics Center in Konya was taken into the 2011 investment program and the works are carried out by TCDD. Konya Logistics Center is a big project which will serve not only Konya but also our neighboring cities such as Ankara, Afyon, Karaman, Niğde and Aksaray. In this context, Konya Logistics Center will play a leading role in the development of our region, and Konya will be the center of the region where an intersection intersects all roads Bu
”The Ring Road will be medication“
MUSIAD President of Konya Branch Lütfi Şimşek stated that both the city structure and the industrial potential of Konya grew and added, yapıl The completion of the Logistic Village investment will be an important solution for the transportation of Konya. .
MUSIAD Konya Branch President Simsek emphasized that the External Ring Road project will be an important solution to the transportation problem of Konya. Bir The population and economy of Konya is growing day by day. In particular, the key road in our economic development is transportation. Turkey's central city of Konya, plays an important crossroads in the middle of Anatolia task. For this reason, our city must reach every point and be accessible from every point. The investments to be made in the transportation area come to the forefront in order to be able to use our central feature in the heart of Anatolia. For this reason, we think that the External Ring Road project should be started as soon as possible Bu.
”All land should be watered“
CHP Konya Provincial Chairman Mevlut Karpuz, drawing attention to the KOP Project, said the project should be expanded. Underlining the need to irrigate all the agricultural land and lands in Konya, Karpuz is activated in the bey North Konya Irrigation Project, and the agricultural lands of Konya's Çeltik, Cihanbeyli, Altınekin, Yunak and Ereğli districts should be considered as a whole and should be included in irrigation. " said.
Emergency metro should be built
MHP Konya Provincial Chairman Av. Tarık Taşcı emphasized that municipalities worked for the time when the Prime Minister came. Taşcı said, melik Our municipalities are doing a show. Today, when we look at Konya, there is still no solution to the problem of air pollution and traffic. The bridge was done, the road was called, but it still has the traffic problem. In 87 the trams still not changed. In 2009 the metro was promised despite the subway. Konya should be built in an emergency, bir he said.
Şeb-i Arus
Sadi Eris, the Provincial Representative of Kamu-Sen stated that the Şeb-i Arus ceremonies belonged to Konya and that they should be taken care of. Şeb-i Arus ceremonies in Istanbul also criticized the Minister, "This value belongs to Konya," he said. Access to the public employees who are experiencing troubled days, “as in Konya, there are teachers waiting to be appointed throughout the country. We are experiencing confusion in the education system. Konya investments should be more active. Our municipalities should provide better service to citizens. We believe that these problems should be solved. Biz

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