TCDD Development and TCDD Personnel Solidarity and Assistance Foundation Statement

TCDD Improvement and TCDD Personnel Solidarity and Solidarity Foundation Description: Vakf Assistance for the construction of Sakarya Square War Panorama and Museum has been carried out within the legal framework of various individuals and organizations T
TCDD Development and Tcdd Personnel Solidarity and Solidarity Foundation, Sakarya Square War Panorama and the construction of the museum, according to the legal framework made by various people and organizations said.
In a written statement made from the Foundation, the news about the uygun High Speed ​​Robbery erçev and f 1 Million TL Donation ış in a newspaper stated that the foundation maintained its services in accordance with its establishment objectives and activities within the legal framework. Regarding the construction of Sakarya Square War Panorama and Museum, the foundation stated that various legal aid was provided by various individuals and organizations.
Akt These aids are in no way related to the public institution mentioned in the report or to the staff of this institution. The donations made to the client are realized with the free and free will of the donors. The donation made by the person / company in the year 2010 was used in the construction of the panoramic museum, and the related documents were audited twice and are available in the Foundation records. It will require accountability before the judiciary in order to discredit the Foundation and to mislead it in public.
Regarding the aforementioned news, without prejudice to our criminal and legal rights, we expect that the client will be rejecting the news that the Foundation is targeting and we expect that this issue will be corrected and we offer respect.

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