Emek-71 Energy Tests Start on Tram Line

Energy Tests Start on Emek-71 Evler Tram Line: It has been reported that Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality will start the new tram extension lines, which will bring the tram to more than 3 neighborhoods in 20 regions, and energy tests will start on the Emek-71 Evler line.
Eskişehir Light Rail System Administration (ESTRAM) General Directorate of the statement, 24 December in the non-energy tests completed after the completion of the energy test will be passed said. Tests will be made in the Labor and 71 Evler neighborhoods, especially at night, on the tram lines of the vehicle parked in the statement expressed disruptions, citizens were not warned to park their cars on the tram roads. The statement, the test will be done in the region of citizens should not approach the tramline energy lines and energy poles should be noted.

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