He lit both himself and the car with the fire he had lit to warm up

He Burned Both Himself and The Wagon With The Fire He Lit To Warm Up: İsmail Ç in Samsun. One person was injured when the wagon caught fire as a result of fire in a section close to a freight train car.
One person was injured in a fire that broke out in a freight train car in Samsun in the evening.
The incident took place in the evening in the freight train car belonging to the State Railways, located behind the Atatürk Cultural Center in İlkadım district. According to the information obtained, İsmail Ç. (55) lit a fire to warm up near the connection section of the wagon. The wagon caught fire with the burning fire. Metropolitan Municipality firefighters, who came to the scene with the notice of the citizens in the vicinity, intervened and extinguished the fire. İsmail Ç. was rescued by firefighters. İsmail Ç., Who had burns on his body, was taken to Samsun Training and Research Hospital by 112 teams.
Investigation on the fire continues.

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