The horrors of the detector at Taksim Metro Station

The horrors of the detector at Taksim Metro Station: In the incident that occurred in the Taksim subway, X-TRX Aykut Kelek, a passenger at the metro station 20, was wounded by a security officer who had been hit by a metal detector. He was hospitalized after his initial intervention. Discharged from the hospital, the security officer was detained because of the complainant
At the 18.00 ranks Aykut Kelek (20) and his brother Yasin Kelek discussed the security officials. Aykut Kelek, who was injured in his head due to a hit in the head of a security officer in Taksim metro station, was discharged from the hospital. He was taken to the 10 stitches and was detained because the security guard complained about him.
Taksim Police Station statement taken by the security officer, trying to prevent the brothers passing from the turnstile, Aykut Kelek head to him, he waved to protect himself in the hand detector, head of the Kelek hit, deliberately hit the head said.
Aykut Kelek, who was detained after being discharged from the hospital, was released after the statement he gave at the police station, after the security guard also complained about him. While the security guard was still at the Beyoğlu Police Station, it was learned that the prosecutor's instructions were awaited.
Yasin Kelek, brother of injured Aykut Kelek, reacted to the security guards. Stating that he and his brother had argued with the security guards, Yasin Kelek said: “We do not have a mother or a father. We live on the streets. The security guard hit me in the head because of an AKBiL. When my brother reacted, they hit my brother on the head with the detector in his hand. My brother has a cerebral hemorrhage ”The security guard was detained by the police and taken to Taksim Police Station.
Two people who claimed that they had passed through the turnstile and had no money because of selling handkerchiefs were claimed to be thinner. In the images recorded in the security camera records of the Metro Station, it is clearly seen that the two teenagers enter the station and then jump in the turnstile. In the meantime, security officials involved in the discussion between the two people, while Aykut Kelek young people pushing the security guard during the attack, and the officer's coup d'etat hit the guards with the impact of the coup seems to be hit. Kelek'ın on the hard blow to the security guard against the young person in the hands of a security officer appears to hit.

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