Ski Cibiltepe will be Turkey's pupil

Cibiltepe Ski pupil will be Turkey's Kars Governor Eyup Hill, "thanks to investments made Cibiltepe Ski Center will be among the most popular ski resorts in Europe"

Governor Eyüp Tepe, Sarıkamış District Governor Muhammed Gürbüz, Mayor İlhan Özbilen and Secretary General of Provincial Special Administration Mehmet Özbey made observations in Cıbıltepe.

In the statement he made here, Tepe said that Cıbıltepe will take its place among the most popular ski resorts in Europe thanks to the investments made.

In the second stage of the ski center, the construction of the cafeteria was completed.

“The beauty and quality here is not even found in Courchevel Ski Center of France, which is one of the most important ski resorts in the world. The cafeteria, which is located at the summit and is completely wooden, will be opened in a short time. Currently, other ski resorts cannot ski because there is not enough snowfall, but you can easily ski in Sarıkamış. After the ski season started in Sarıkamış, there is a high demand. We have rebuilt our cafeterias that have served in the past years, in a way that suits here. The investments we have made so far are just some of the work we have done and will do in the ski resort. "

Hill, thanks to investments made Sarikamish said Turkey's eyeball into the future.

Stating that new chairlifts will be built next year, Tepe said, “We made a tender for the new chairlifts to be built here next year. We will also light our runways. The cabin chairlift system is at the projecting stage. We are planning to establish an artificial snow system on one or two of our tracks. Thus, we want to open the ski season every year from December 1, without waiting for snow. In this way, we will make the skiing opportunity guaranteed ”.

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