At Karari Ski Center, Snow Thickness Reached 90 Centimeters

Snow Thickness Reached 90 Centimeters at Atabarı Ski Center: It was reported that the snow thickness reached 90 centimeters in Atabarı Ski Center, which was built on Mersivan Mountain by the Artvin Governorship.

In Atabarı Ski Center, where the ski season was opened last week with the snow falling in the region, the snow thickness has reached approximately 90 centimeters as of today.

Youth Services and Sports Manager Bahattin Yetim, AA correspondent, said the ski slope corrected and hardened ski tracks, skiing skiers can make skiing over the weekend, he said.

Noting that the runway at Atabarı Ski Center is suitable for skiing, Yetim also stated that the ski resort road is open to vehicle traffic.