60 Million Euro Investment For Sivasa Ski Sport

60 Million Lira Investment for Sivasa Ski Sport: 75% of the chairlift and teleski assembly works have been completed in the Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports and Tourism Center, which has started to be built in Sivas where there is no facility for ski sports - Governor Kemelek: - “Hope 2014 At the end of the year you will see a different Star Mountain. Hopefully next year, we will be able to go and ski every day. ”

75% of the chairlift and teleski installation works have been completed in Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports and Tourism Center, the construction of which has been started in Sivas, where there are no facilities other than the Intensive Ski Center for skiing.

Work continues at Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports and Tourism Center, the foundation of which was laid on September 15 with the participation of Minister of National Defense İsmet Yılmaz. The first phase of the center, which will be built with the contributions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Special Provincial Administration, is planned to be completed and put into service in a short time.

The center, where 75 percent of the chairlift and teleski assembly works are completed, is aimed to be brought to skiing position at the end of 2014. In the ski center, which will cost approximately 60 million liras, 1 facility, 2 chairlifts and 1 babylift and 750 facilities with a capacity of 4 beds, park and sports areas, health facility, ski house, camping areas, management center, parking lot for 350 vehicles and various social facilities it will include.

In the center, which is introduced with the slogan “Sivas' dream comes true”, besides winter sports, trekking, mountain biking and paragliding can be done. Those who come to Sivas Nuri Demirağ Airport and Yıldız Mountain, close to the Hot Çermik hot springs, will have the opportunity to do water sports in the spring and summer seasons at Yakupoğlan Dam at the foot of the mountain.

Skiers, who prepare for the races in the country and abroad with the work they do in the Intensive Ski Center where there are no facilities for skiing and any accommodation facilities, will have modern facilities with the completion of the facilities on Yıldız Mountain.
“Our project about the hotel is about to be completed”

Sivas Governor Zübeyir Kemelek, in his statement to AA correspondent, reminding that the teleskies and ski lifts required for the infrastructure of Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports and Tourism Center were tendered, “We have made the tender for 18 million 800 thousand liras. This price may change if some fabrications are increased or decreased. About 20 million lira is being invested for the infrastructure of the ski resort. ”

Stating that these works are not enough for the facility, Kemelek said, “Outgoing people should benefit from it. We will meet the need for bed and daily food and drink for those who go. It will be rental material for those who do not know skiing to learn skiing. Our project about the hotel is also about to be completed. ”

Emphasizing that the facilities to be built in Yıldız Mountain will contribute to employment in the city, Kemelek said that many personnel will work in the infrastructure of the facility.

As long as the weather conditions are suitable for the work of the technical team will continue to transfer Kemelek, this center will be put into service by the city's skiing sport will be widespread.
“You will see a different Star Mountain”

Providing information about the location of Yıldız Mountain, Kemelek said:

“Yıldız Mountain is not just a mountain range but a single elevation. We built the facility on the eastern slope of the mountain. North slope forest may also be suitable for building facilities in the west direction if needed. The snow structure of Yıldız Mountain is the same as the snow structure in Erciyes, Palandöken and Sarıkamış. In other words, it was a snow structure that skiers liked, and this research goes back a long time. We had a road problem, we just opened a part of the road. The part of the road up to Paşabahçe Promenade Area should be finished as double asphalt. This will take time. Total investment will increase greatly, but none of this will happen at the same time, it will happen over time. We want it to be in a short time. Hopefully you will see a different Star Mountain at the end of 2014. I hope next year, we will be able to go and ski daily. ”

Expressing that they aim the center to serve tourists and expatriates in the summer season, Kemelek said, “Sivas residents living outside the city will stay at the hotel when they come here. The guests will benefit from the beauties of Yıldız Mountain, athletes will be able to camp, many sports branches such as hiking and paragliding can be performed there. ”