High-speed train plunged into a flock of birds

High Speed ​​Train dives into a flock of birds: High Speed ​​Train dives into a flock of birds from Ankara to Eskişehir.
The front of the YHT was covered in blood due to the birds that perished. TCDD officials said that the YHTs traveling at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour occasionally hit bird flocks. The day before, the YHT from Ankara hit a flock of birds near Eskişehir. The front of the train was stained with the blood of perished birds. YHT, whose front part was damaged, was taken into maintenance after taking off its passengers at Eskişehir Station, TCDD officials stated that the YHT, which took the distance between Ankara and Eskişehir in 1 hour and 20 minutes, hit more bird flocks in the first years and said: “This has started to decrease now. Because the birds also got used to YHT and started to change their migration routes. However, bird flocks migrating from time to time hit the YHT. Due to the flock of birds, YHT will not decrease its speed and will continue its voyages at 250 kilometers. Over time, birds will get used to YHT and completely change their migration route.

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