With YHT everyone's face laughed

YHT laughed with everyone's face: Ankara-Eskisehir YHT expedition met with the beginning of Turkey, he began to feel the sociological impact of high-speed trains.
In the reports prepared as a result of the researches carried out by the State Railways, the convenience and innovations brought by the high-speed train to the life of the citizen appear. In the reports prepared, it is seen that students, lecturers, elderly people and tradesmen are at the forefront of the life-changing sections with the high-speed train. The students do not have to leave their city and their families and settle in another city for school thanks to the high-speed train.
Thus, the high-speed train, which saves the student from rent and dormitory expenses, also enables the instructors to comfortably go from one city to another to teach lessons. In other words, the instructor does not have to move from one city to another, just like a student. In the reports prepared, it is seen that the doctors and many professional groups can easily travel between Ankara - Eskişehir or Ankara-Konya thanks to the high-speed train and get rid of the rent.
The high-speed train made it easy for art lovers and football lovers. The fast train, which has become the most preferred means of transportation by the art lovers over time, enables football fans to go to another city to watch the match in a short time. At the same time, train tickets started to be sold by the organizers to the cities where the artists will perform. The citizen who buys the train tickets will have a certain discount at the show. Similar practice is also applied in sports competitions, and especially in the event of the day of the event, the sale of bulk tickets.
Ankara in Istanbul 2014
Another professional group affected by the economic contribution of the high-speed train is the taxi drivers. High-speed trains reached the station due to heavy passenger traffic needs emerged. The number of train hours increased by combining the taxi stops in the face of the need. Taxpayers' earnings increased, while daily tourism income and tradesman earnings in the region also increased. The ongoing Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line is expected to be in service at the beginning of 2014.



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