Where are the ministers and deputies for Gebze?

Where are the ministers and deputies for Gebze? Gebze region is constantly growing. 4 is divided into towns, but problems are constantly growing. It is not important to allocate Gebze to 4 districts, it is important to receive services and investments. However, there is difficulty in getting services. In the last period of Büyükşehir, Gebze region could not get service. Today we are experiencing problems in the field of education. The shortage of the teachers and the shortage of classrooms are at the stage. As if these were not enough, the fast train and Marmaray are the subject of discussion. The saddest part of the job is that MPs remain silent and do not give any explanation. From here I appeal to the deputies of power and opposition. They should study the matter and continue the issue until the end.
We share with you the problems about Marmaray and YHT. In Gebze, we try to mobilize Gebze's dynamics against public opinion and unfair practice. The reaction in the executive dimension is unfortunately zero if we take the reaction we expect from the public. Unfortunately, neither the deputies, nor the city administrators, nor the CSOs. Ankara-Istanbul High-speed train to the last stop of the right to lose to Pendik, Halkalı Those who said that they were working for Gebze at every opportunity in Gebze, which was about to lose the transportation of Marmaray, remained unhappy and insensitive.
Until now, none of our deputies from the 11 made a statement on the subject, nor did they research. While our Mayors remain insensitive to the issue, the NGOs and Siads who talk about the consciousness of Gebzelilik at every opportunity act as if they are not living in Gebze. As for Lafa, those who did not leave the mangalda embers, in every discussion environment, Gebze's problems and emphasized the need to work together for Gebze to emphasize that the hands are now in silence. I wonder if the Izmit lobby has left them under the influence of people think.
We are concerned that Gebze's dynamics do not belong to Gebze. Our readers, who commented on us with comments and telephones, asked, yön O Deputies, are the esteemed managers of our city, where are the civil society organizations? Biz. For sure, if this situation in which Gebze had been living in other provinces and districts, it would unite immediately, signature campaigns would be organized, the city administrators and the people would get up, and they would break their rights with an organized work. However, no one can not say that I'm not Gebze'nin unfortunately, there is no owner.

I share with you the opinions and thoughts of our readers on this subject:


He always exploits Gebze in Izmit, Istanbul. Our dear mayor doesn't make it sound. In the streets neighborhoods in Izmit, the rear neighborhood in Paris, Gebze feed for them. Gebze to eat the other place to call out to people who stop laying Gebze'ye Izmit without Gebze smell of starving breath. No one is protecting Gebze. Where is Mr. Karaosmanoglu? Why doesn't sound, they're all exploiting us. Industry is here, the laborer is here, but where is the state? I think people in Gebze will be reaching out and ignoring us. I think everyone should come. People also know to take Karaosmanoğlu'nu Karaosmanoğlu'nu same way.


Where are the owners of Gebze?


Pull your ordeal for years, change 3-4 vehicles to go across. What is the result of frustration when I say it has been done?

If this is really the case, I would definitely vote for a party outside the AKP. Gebze deserves the best.

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