Don't Miss the Train about Kars Logistics Center

Missing the train in Kars Logistics Center: Kars governor Eyüp TEPE announced that the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway will be completed in June, but the logistics center has never mentioned the issue. AKP Kars Deputy Ahmet ARSLAN emphasizes the importance of the railway for Kars with every occasion and mentions that the logistic center will be made.
Despite the fact that the railway has reached the end of the railway phase, the lack of work on the logistics center seems to cause uneasiness.
It is true that this railroad excites Karslılar. Even those who do not know what to bring and what will be the concrete benefit have become a light of hope.
The aspect of the event that annoys Karsl is the completion of the 60 ratio of the logistics center in Erzurum and the planning of the completion of the 2014 in November.
Since the logistic center to Erzurum will be completed concurrently with BTK Railway, large companies that sell goods to the regional provinces and regional countries will direct their investments to Erzurum. In this case, Kars Logistics center will not have much function even if it is finished in a few years.
The concrete signs of this have already begun to emerge. KALEKİM, the building chemicals company of Kale Group, sells an average of 15 thousand tons of adhesive and joint filler annually to the region's provinces. With the opening of the BTK railway, it can sell much more to the countries in the region.
In order to halve transportation expenses, KALEKİM has invested only 2,5 million pounds in Erzurum as a machinery investment. Probably many exporters have already begun to seek a place in Erzurum for investment.
The eyes are on Ahmet ARSLAN due to its influence in the Ministry of Transport. The patience of the logistics center is exhausted and there is no time left to lose. As soon as possible, visible, visible work must begin.
Mr. Ahmet ARSLAN, Mr. Yunus KILIÇ, Mr. Valim and valuable managers of non-governmental organizations; We have no doubt about your good intentions. However, it is obvious that there is a lack of logistics center and a blockage. This project is important for Kars. Whatever you need to do, let's all do our part as soon as we can.
In any case, the logistics center is completed, all the returns will be written to you. We are willing to him, as long as it is, as long as Kars wins.

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