Viking Project Target Samsun

The Target of the Viking Project Samsun: Lithuanian Ankara Ambassador Kestutis Kudzmanas, who visited the Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO), stated that Samsun is very important with its strategic structure in the Viking Project, an initiative made by Lithuania to connect the Black Sea with Scandinavian countries. told.
Lithuanian Ambassador to Ankara Kestutis Kudzmanas visited the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Samsun, where he came as a guest of the International Association of Local Authorities Trade and Education Association (UYITEB). During the visit that Samsun TSO President Salih Zeki Murzioğlu could not be present due to being abroad, Ambassador Kudzmanas was hosted by Samsun TSO Deputy Chairman Mustafa Kemal Şahin, Samsun TSO Board Member Oğuzhan Serinkaya and Samsun Commodity Exchange President Sinan Çakır.
trade relations between Lithuania and Turkey that they want to move forward, Lithuanian Ambassador Kestutis Kudzmanas, "political relations between Lithuania and Turkey quite successfully. Now it's time to talk trade. I'm very impressed by Turkey's current good economic potential. Export capacity is very good. Similar things can be said for Lithuania. Lithuanian Turkish investors may be very interesting. Currently there are three free economic zones in Lithuania. We invite Turkish businessmen to invest in our country. Türk
In his speech, Turkey as well as with the countries of the Middle East, which will establish a connection between the Baltic states, pointing to the importance Kudzmanas Viking Project, "Viking Project; Nordic and Baltic countries is an important Silk Road connecting the eastern countries and Turkey Project. It is a project based on container transportation, as in the world. This project is not only a transportation project, but also a political and commercial project. All the signatures of the project have been signed and the business is left only to the commercial part. Samsun is one of the most important places in the Viking project, which is very important for Lithuania. The most important junction of this project will be Samsun in terms of its strategic importance and location. Samsun has really important advantages. The train arrives in 50 hours from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea Odessa. The price of a container is 450 euros up to Istanbul. This is twice cheaper than transportation by road. But our biggest goal is not in our Turkey Istanbul, Samsun. From here, we can reach Mersin, Kars and different places via the railway network. If this connection is made, container transportation will increase directly. We can work and collaborate together. "The logistics corridor will unite our businessmen," he said.
expressing satisfaction with the visit to the Samsun TSO Vice President Mustafa Kemal Sahin, Viking Project, underlining that they care about the room, "Samsun, northern Anatolia, Turkey opened the door. We care about the Viking Project as a Room and we stand on it. In this project, which is linked to Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and the Black Sea coast, the most important actor in the Black Sea is Samsun. Samsun is the only city in the Black Sea with four transportation axes and has taken important steps towards becoming a logistics center. Samsun also has the infrastructure to meet the requirements of the Viking Project and provide added value to the project beyond. Samsun
After the speeches, Ambassador Kudzmanas and Samsun TSO Vice President Mustafa Kemal Şahin presented each other with a moment.

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