TÜTEVSİAD Logistics Training Center

TÜTEVSİAD employed to do with the Logistics Training Center: Turkey Technical Staff Association of Industrialists and Businessmen Foundation (TÜTEVSİAD), opening the Logistics Training Center, will give 50 people to vocational training. The center will also provide guidance and consultancy services to the 200.
TÜTEVSİAD, will be created within the Logistics Training Center will be trained in the logistics sector qualified personnel. The University of Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK), which is a project partner, will certify the trainings given by this Center. In order to develop the project, working methods will be developed in cooperation with the Logistics Management department within the Faculty of Management of Turkish Aeronautical Association. Within the scope of the project, 1 will be established with modern practical center. In the center where 50 will participate in vocational training, 200 is also planned to benefit from guidance and counseling services. In addition, 6 vocational orientation seminar will be held with approximately 200 person will be informed about job search and job interviews. Training activities in the project will be supported by THK University Faculty of Business Administration faculty members and logistics companies operating in the sector.
To increase the employability of young people by encouraging their labor market participants In the 18-29 age crossings, it is aimed to improve the professional knowledge and skills with innovative applications in the logistics sector. The unemployed 21-29 40 disabled people with at least 18 disability are scheduled to be employed in the Logistics Training Center.


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