Türkoğlu OSB Infrastructure and Road Works

📩 28/11/2018 17:24

Türkoğlu OSB Infrastructure and Road Works: Türkoğlu Mayor Mustafa Taşhan said that the road and infrastructure works in the Türkoğlu Organized Industrial Zone continued.
Taşhan, in a statement to the AA correspondent, stated that road works have started in the OSB, where the foundations of the infrastructure construction were laid recently.
Expressing that they will make a great contribution to both Kahramanmaraş and the country's economy with the completion of the works, Taşhan said: “With our OIZ and Logistics Center works, the unemployment problem in the district will be solved completely. Thanks to these investments, Türkoğlu will become the attraction center of the region. Our district population, which is 70 thousand now, will reach 100 thousand in the coming years. May Allah not embarrass us.

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