Türkmen: We'll Pull the Cefas of Marmaray

Turkmen: We Will Take The Marmaray We Will Continue The Campaign: Ak Party Hilmi Türkmen said, “Marmaray made the Üsküdar tradesmen happy. The revival in the market was reflected on the market as fertility, he said.
Üsküdar Deputy Mayor and Ak Party Üsküdar Mayor A. Candidate Hilmi TÜRKMEN stated that the revival that took place last month that Marmaray was happy with the tradesmen of Üsküdar, reflected as a blessing on the market.
Türkmen stated that a large part of Üsküdar Square has been closed since 2004 when the project started and that people have become afraid to come to Üsküdar due to the confusion of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. “This situation disturbed our trades most, Üsküdar tradesmen became moribund because of the real economic loss. When the project was extended due to historical excavations, doubts appeared in the mind of the people of Üsküdar.
However, after hearing the date of 29 October 2013 from our Prime Minister, we asked everyone to be patient by saying this in our tradesman visits, site meetings and organizational programs. Because we knew that if our Prime Minister made a promise, he would mobilize all the possibilities for this to happen. “We are not embarrassed to Üsküdar people,” said Hamdols.
Expressing that the tradesmen of Üsküdar feasted, especially during the 15 days of free transportation, Vice President Hilmi Türkmen said; “When we wander around the bazaar and ask for ourselves, the answers we receive make us happy. You see, 30 tradesmen who sell fish in 50 crates talk about 60 crates today and 100 kilograms of doner kebabs talk about XNUMX kilos. Our Imams say that even the time prayers in mosques are performed like a Friday prayer.
With the foreign delegations who did not visit Üsküdar before, we are now making an appointment at Marmaray station, it seems that we, as Üsküdar people, have attracted Marmaray the most and we will experience the most.
Hilmi TÜRKMEN, who was born in Trabzon in 1973, completed his primary education in Trabzon Şalpazarı, his secondary education at Vakfıkebir Imam Hatip High School, and his university education at Istanbul University Faculty of Law.
Hilmi TÜRKMEN, who started his career as a freelance lawyer in Üsküdar in 1996, worked as a founder and manager in Civil Society Organizations in various vocational, education, health, culture and social aid fields due to social responsibility. Some of them are; He is a founding member of the Classical Turkish Arts Foundation, MAVERA Education and Health Foundation, and a member of the Board of Trustees, HUDER (Legal Research Association).
Active politics 1992 began with the Welfare Party Hilmi TURKMEN, respectively, Üsküdar Youth Branches of the Presidency of the organization, the Virtues Party Üsküdar District board member in 1998, 2002 general elections and 2004 local elections in the AK Party Üsküdar District SKM presidency, 2003-2004 Ak Party Uskudar responsible for organization He served as vice president of the district.
Since 2004 local elections, Hilmi TÜRKMEN, Üsküdar Deputy Mayor and Municipal Council President, Üsküdar City Council Member and Legal Property Commission President, İBY Member of Parliament and Member of the Commission on Legal Property Commission still continues these duties.
Hilmi TÜRKMEN, who is married and has two daughters, has been in Üsküdarlı for 23 years.

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