depth look at Turkey's largest highway and railway projects

Turkey's largest highway and railway depth look at the project: Unlike many European countries, Turkey was stripped off fairly quickly from the effects of the global economic crisis and preparations are currently being made to drain billions of dollars on infrastructure investments. Within the framework of the 2023 vision, the Turkish Government announced very ambitious targets on transport infrastructure and reshaped the country's land transport infrastructure in line with these targets.
The General Directorate of State Railways and Highways is planning to invest more than 2023 billion dollars on motorways and railways until 100. Many international investors who are encouraged by the country's rising credit rating are actively engaged in financing these projects.
Multinational consortiums have started work for the 'Eurasia Tunnel' and 'Third Bosphorus Bridge' projects. International construction companies are now following developments with regard to the 'Canal Istanbul' and 'Canakkale Bridge' projects.
IQPC of the international conference market leading companies, Turkey's transport highways of this country as a result of extensive research he did for the infrastructure, railways, bridges and for professionals who are interested in current and detailed information about the tunnel project, "Turkey Land Transport Infrastructure" conference was designed to.


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