Yesterday and Today's High-Speed ​​Train in Turkey

Yesterday and Today's High-Speed ​​Train in Turkey: Turkey's forty-year dream of high-speed trains 13 March 2009 the train after the start of flights between Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya and Eskişehir and Konya began work on lines. The Ministry of Transport is planning to "fast" transport to many cities of Anatolia in 2023. The goal is to build the new railway line of 9 thousand 978 kilometers, including the 4 thousand 997 km high speed line, 14 thousand 975 km conventional line in the centenary of the Republic. This is the biggest railway move in the history of the Republic. The government attaches great importance to this project. The 11 12 9 will double in the 50 yearly rail network. These targets mean rewriting of the history of the railway. Double line length will increase from 26 to 60. The percentage of electric lines with a percentage of 29 will increase to 5. When the targets are realized, high speed train lines will be constructed from 731 provinces including Yozgat, Trabzon, Diyarbakır and Malatya provinces as well as cities such as İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Sivas and Bursa. In addition to the Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Izmir and Ankara-Sivas routes, the construction of the 2013 bin 2015 speed line will be started. The Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project will be completed in XNUMX and the Ankara-Sivas line will be completed in XNUMX.
In the 2023 total length of high-speed train line in Turkey will reach 10 thousand kilometers. It lasted about 1.5 days in Edirne-Kars rate will be reduced to xnumx't the 4 and 1 hours will be Turkey's journey from one end to another. The cost is about 8 billion dollars. 45-25 billion dollars of this money will be provided from China. According to the 'Railway Cooperation Agreement', the Chinese will build the 30 thousand 7 high-speed railway line. The remaining 18 thousand will make the 2 kilometer with Railways equity and external loans. The work of the Chinese, "Ayaş Tunnel" can not be passed to the story of the snake, including the speed of the Railway and Edirne to Kars, extending from the 924 thousand 3 will start with the kilometer line. Upon completion of the line, the travel time with the 636 hours will be between 16,5 and 8 hours. The Chinese will build the Edirne-Kars route, while the 9 will make the Erzincan-Trabzon and Yerköy-Kayseri routes. In the Central Anatolia Region, high-speed train will pass by four cities. One of them is Konya. Another route is the Ankara-Sivas line of 850 kilometers. This is even under construction. Thus, Ankara-Yozgat 466 hour by high-speed train, between Ankara-Kayseri 1,5 hours will be 2 minutes. The State Railways plans to build high-speed train between Konya and Adana. With the improvement of existing lines and additional line construction, high speed trains are planned to be operated on this route. Cak According to the 30 Business Planning, the number of passengers to be transported between Ankara and Konya will find 2023 million per year and 3 million between Ankara and Eskişehir. According to the data of State Railways, the high speed train started its flights in 2.5 March 13. The share of the bus in the transportation between Ankara and Eskişehir fell from 2009 to 55 in one and a half years. The share of State Railways increased from 10 to 8. Fast train has changed many preferences between two cities. 72 million passengers will be transported in Ankara-Eskişehir-Istanbul line. 11,5 million passengers are scheduled for the Ankara-Afyon-Izmir route. Thus 6 km high-speed train line in Turkey and the world will be entered in the first 2023 10.000 30 million passengers between countries.
JAPAN: 2.621 km - 292.037.000 passengers
FRANCE: 6.990 km - 112.558.000 passengers
GERMANY: 2.428 km - 78.507.000 passengers
CHINA: 9.500 km - 54.000.000 passenger (2012)
KOREA: 369 km - 41.349.000 passengers
TAIWAN: 345 km - 36.939.000 passengers
ITALY: 3.452 km - 33.993.000 passengers
SPAIN: 2.566 km - 28.056.000 passengers
BELGIUM: 174 km-9.561.000 passengers
UK: 10.707 km - 9.220.000 passengers
TURKEY: 888 km - 3.557.000 million passengers (2012)
NETHERLANDS: - / 2.796.000 passengers
FINLAND: 675 km - 2.368.000 passengers
PORTUGAL: - / 1.778.000 passengers
CZECH REPUBLIC: - / 866.000 passengers
SLOVENIA: - / 119.000 passengers

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