Tunel-i Bahriden Marmaraya

Tünel-i Bahr to Marmaraya: It was 133 years ago from now. A French man's path fell to Istanbul. This person thought of connecting Karaköy and Beyoğlu with a tunnel. This is how the Middle East's first tunnel and rail transportation system inside the tunnel was born. In 1890, Sultan Abdülhamit set his mind to connect the two sides of the Bosphorus with bridges. He ordered projects for two bridges and a tube crossing to Western engineers.
With the project prepared by American engineer Frederik E. Strom, a tube passage connecting Sarayburnu and Üsküdar was designed.
In “Tünel-i Bahri”, which will be built on 16 large pillars, passengers would travel between two sides with a small train, just like in Marmaray.
Sultan Abdülhamit dreamed of building two bridges across the Bosphorus.
In the October issue of Skylife, the monthly magazine of THY, the subject is well covered with the headline "The dream of the ages: crossing the Bosphorus".
The connection of two continents is great in passenger transportation. A dream came true with Marmaray. His boss is the Ministry of Transport. The project was done by the Japanese Taisei-Gama-Nurol Consortium. The control belongs to Avrasya Consult.
Much has been said about the project so far.
In fact, a group of engineers claimed that there were not enough expert teams on the signaling system.
In such an important project, the training of the entire system of the rail system for the signaling of the training of the team is forgotten? Even if you have established the most beautiful system in the world, if the maintenance and operation is not done correctly, the system will crash.
The Spanish company that undertakes the signaling in Marmaray should clarify the issue.
In this project, 11 immersion tubes were installed under the sea. Tubes do not work no matter what you do if quality electricity is not supplied. Quality electricity 380-400 watts. Anel Elektrik, a Turkish company, established the electrical mechanical system in Marmaray. The $ 65 million business is a first for Anel. Anel was founded in 1986, 49 percent of which is public. He got this job through the Japanese Taisei channel he worked with at Doha Airport. All airports founded the electrical system in Turkey. He finished the electrical work of the airports in Cairo and Batumi. Only Libya-Tripoli Airport business was left unfinished.
The essence of the word: Happy holidays. Marmaray is the perception of the technological process that has developed since the foundation of the Republic. In the 90th year, I congratulate all Turkish companies that have done great things.
Fire may extinguish the light!
You got on Marmararay. Electricity was cut. Would you stay under the sea? A fire broke out, is there a need for panic?
Anel Group General Manager Rıdvan Akay says "don't worry."
Anel, 800 thousand meters electric, 120 thousand meters medium voltage, 264 thousand meters fire cable layed. 33 transformer, established 23 generator. Electromechanical of three stations, electrical works of three ventilation buildings are complete. 13 km long tunnel lighting, ventilation, fire, gas, drainage system is ready.

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