How to reduce bird deaths due to train

Ways to reduce train-induced bird deaths: The announcement that birds hitting the high-speed train will change the migration route over time. "Do the birds change the way of human going to work?" experts said, explained the ways to reduce bird deaths due to trains.
High Speed ​​Train (YHT), which goes to 250 kilometers per hour, hit the swarm of birds before 4 days. Then, TCDD officials, birds are used to YHT and began to change migration routes, he said. But the ornithologists think differently. According to experts, this thought is ridiculous. Because birds do not act like humans, it is very difficult to change migration routes. Assoc. Dr. Cagan Sekercioglu, said there were no people going to the work of birds. Noting that the birds cannot escape the vehicles passing the 70-80 kilometer per hour, Şekercioğlu said:
Spain conducts 1.7 million Euro project
“We have always heard a ridiculous promise to change the way of migration. These aren't the people who go to work. 1-2 does not change over the years. Perennial birds can get on the high-speed train, but the birds that pass through the migration continue to cross and waste. If the birds are large, they risk the train and its contents. Particularly, vultures and other raptors, who have previously eaten animals, are in danger. The number of these birds is decreasing.
Sekercioglu, in Spain 1 the same issue in November, an EU-supported project told about the project. Within the scope of the 1.7 Million Euro project, ways to develop a method to prevent birds from crashing on a high-speed train are being sought. Şekercioğlu, Turkey to the advised the following measures: "Especially important bird areas (such as wetlands) of the speed reduction when passing train, by placing 2 side barriers of railway important bird areas to be directed to fly out of the train of birds. These barriers can be made of different materials such as frequently planted trees, wooden fences, concrete walls, plastic / metal screens, sandbags.
Sureyya İsfendiyaroğlu, Science Coordinator of Doğa Derneği said: “The objects that go so fast everywhere in the world kill birds, they cannot escape because it is at speed. Many birds are dying on skyscrapers, motorways. It is possible to reduce the effect of this, in some places sound barriers are made. There are articles that suggest that birds can learn such risky areas, but this has limits. But it's kind of absurd to think that they're going to change migration patterns. Instinctively they do this, 'There is a train here' do not change. In fact, it is necessary to prepare professional EIA reports for professionals in all kinds of projects. I don't think that's done. I now have the birds, the EIA report changing in Turkey, have delayed projects? "

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