The Car Passed The Tram Line: 2 Injured

Tram Line Vehicle Accident: 2 injured In a traffic accident that occurred in Gaziantep, a car entering the tram line, 2 people were injured in the accident.
According to information obtained, the accident occurred on Osman Gazi Mahallesi Abdulkadir Aksu Boulevard. 27 R 6636 plate car, which is going to Gaziantep University from the junction of the metro, entered the tram line as the driver lost control of the steering wheel. Meanwhile, the 27 P 3712 plate car from behind was involved in the accident. Two people injured in the accident from the ambulance to the scene was taken to hospital.
The wounded learned that the situation is good, there were disruptions to the tram service due to an accident. After the examination of the tram line of the car removed from the tram services began again.


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