Railway response in Trabzon continues

Railway reaction continues in Trabzon: The postponement of the ERZİNCAN-TRABZON Railway Project construction tender after 3 years continues to arouse wide repercussions in Trabzon. MUSIAD Trabzon Branch President Hanefi Mahitapoğlu reacted with self-criticism that appropriation was not included in the 2014 budget despite the clear routes. Mahitapoğlu said, “It is a disappointment for us that the railway was not included in the budget in 2014. This project needs to come to life urgently, without waiting for 2023. Actually, as NGOs, we couldn't do enough vocalizations. We needed to be more demanding. TTSO should have played a role in this issue and had to be gripping. NGOs are insufficient, we couldn't make our voices heard well in this regard. I think the real problem lies with the non-governmental organizations in Trabzon, namely us. In this transitional period, it was necessary to speak louder. However, in this way, we can transfer the investments we want to Trabzon as soon as possible. kazanWe will be gone,” he said.
Stating that they saw the Black Sea coastal road inadequate to serve the region, Mahitapoğlu said, “The exit routes to the south in terms of supply to Trabzon must be made absolutely. In this sense, railway is important in terms of being complementary of logistics center in product transportation point. political actors in Turkey, unfortunately, is going to invest directly involved in the project. Whoever has high organizational skills can effectively solve their own problems. In this sense, Trabzon should do its part and be able to get the investments. An example of this is the construction of the logistics center to İyidere. This is clearly the shift of the location of the logistics center. Logistics center land sea airline must be implemented in the note of the railway convergence. As NGOs, we need to discuss the issue well and put forward our demand. If we do not disclose our demand, we will not be able to determine our position by remaining in the influence area of ​​others..

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