No noise from the Trabzon logistics center

Trabzon logistics center do not make noise: AK Party Trabzon Provincial Chairman Adnan Günnar, Trabzon's logistics center, said that the logistics center to be held in İyidere, Trabzon will benefit from the center, he said. Günnar said, isti Noises should be removed because we lost logistics. Trabzon logistics center is gaining. Let us know this. Bu
AK Party President of Trabzon Province Adnan Günnar stated that Trabzon does not miss the logistics center and Trabzon will benefit from the logistics center in İyidere. Günnar said, 'We are not in a position to make investments in Trabzon. Giresun, Rize, Gumushane develops will develop in Trabzon. No noise should be removed as Trabzon has lost its logistics. Trabzon logistics center is gaining. This should be known, Bu he said.
Günnar stated that the logistics center Trabzon did not miss, Gün Trabzon is strategically already in an important position. Throughout history, Trabzon has been one of the most important cities of the Black Sea, Anatolia and even the Middle East. Even Germany, which has withdrawn its troops and ammunition from Afghanistan today, said that the airport and port of Trabzon will be used throughout the year. Therefore, Trabzon is a center. We are also pleased to be the center of Trabzon. The neighboring provinces also benefit from the development of Trabzon. When we go from Trabzon to Trabzon, Trabzon, Rizeli, Giresunlu look at each other with the eyes of a citizen. Therefore, we must put aside the geographical boundaries and micro-nationalist attitudes. Trabzon is the only logistics center alone lojistik.
Günnar stated that the logistics center was shifted from Trabzon and said unda The planned logistics center is within the borders of Trabzon. We cannot evaluate our district as a district outside Trabzon. Therefore, logistics center is planned between Of Iyidere borders. This should also benefit Trabzon to Rize. I consider the logistics center not as a loss but as a gain. Rize'ye is done, Trabzon is not made to understand why the concept is obviously not very accurate. The development of the Rize region will be a positive reflection of the whole region. It is necessary not to enter into vicious and simple discussions. What is required to invest in Trabzon, the investment has been made, is done. We support the investments made for the disappearance of the population loss. Trabzon is the second province with the largest share of the private administration cake. No one says that much money is coming to Trabzon. As the people of Trabzon, we are against the fact that the logistics center is in Rize. If it is to be done again will be done in Trabzon. The vicious debate has no use. No one should deny that we can achieve a gain in logistics in the east of Trabzon. No noise should be removed as Trabzon has lost its logistics. Trabzon logistics center is gaining Trabzon.

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