We will resist for Trabzon logistics center

Trabzon logistics center will resist: MHP Trabzon deputy and former Minister Koray Aydin, logistics center has shifted to İyidere'de hard statements. Aydin, Prime Minister Erdogan Bayraktar and AK Party deputies emphasized the need to tell the Prime Minister. Aydin, “Be brave. Quit Tell the Prime Minister that the choice is wrong. If she doesn't, we will. We'll show him that Papucun is expensive. Pap
Trabzon turns into blind spot
LOGISTICS that the center will be turned into a blind spot in the city of Trabzon shifting and it will be a very heavy bill will be recorded, the historical lines of Trabzon, the central position of the Silk Road would be a disaster. When you think about the railway axles, we lose the future. We will never accept the shifting of the logistics center. I will hold a comprehensive press conference on this next week. Ön
MHP Trabzon Deputy Koray Aydın warned the deputies of Trabzon who did not show any sensitivity about shifting the logistics center from Trabzon to İyidere. Regarding the logistics center, Aydın warned that the ruling party warned people doing politics in Trabzon and said, iktidar Be brave. You tell the Prime Minister that this is wrong. If he doesn't, we will. We're gonna show him the shoe is expensive. We will protect this right of Trabzon. We will definitely defend the rights of Trabzon until the end. Local elections are the opportunity to attract the power of the ear. Dictator of the understanding that I say is done is not like that no people do not take into account the day you can not do this 30 March, "he said.
Stating that it is essential to teach a lesson to the ruling party, which sees the election as a part of the bag and pretends to take the votes from the people forever, Aydın said, “The ruling party does not take Trabzon and its people seriously. The latest decision, especially regarding the relocation of the logistics center, is the latest example of the AKP's squint point of view towards Trabzon. We can never accept the shift of the logistics center from Trabzon. Because this is a cooked process. I'm going to hold a comprehensive press conference on this next week. We have completed our preparations. We will show the ruling party that shoes are expensive. We will raise the issue on every platform. Trabzon kazanWe cannot accept that the Prime Minister's right to be relocated by saying 'at least do this' to the people next to him while he was passing through Trabzon. Because there are very serious studies on the formation of the logistics center. There are scientific data, historical facts. If they are very curious, they should also set up a logistics center in Rize. But it would be a disaster for the city if a certain place of Trabzon was usurped with scientific data and the centrality of Trabzon's historical lines in the center of the Silk Road was taken away. Nobody should think of a logistics center as 'what will become of a logistics center'. When you think of it as a whole with the railroad axles, this means that the railroad axle shifts from Trabzon. Trabzon thus turns into a blind spot. In this blind spot, it becomes a small province of the Black Sea with the loss of population more than it is now. Shifting logistics would have such a heavy bill," he said.

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