Trabzon Logistics Center will contribute to the regional economy

Trabzon Logistics center will make a great contribution to the regional economy: TRABZON Mayor Orhan Fevzi Gumrukcuoglu explained that they are working to attract investments that will strengthen the economy and added, Belediye We think that the city will develop with the logistics center. I've been studying at many centers around the world. We will attract the business world to our city by providing the fastest service with the least cost. En
TRABZON Mayor Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu stated that he saw the logistics center of Shanghai, Germany, Singapore and dile We invited the founding team of the new logistics center in Germany to our city via the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency. We proposed the Büyük Liman area, Akçaabat center, Trabzon center, Arsin Organized Industrial Zone and Çamburnu region. Arsin Organized Industrial Zone became the most ambitious one among them. But there is not a port formation in the present, as the Kamburnu region was established as the core of the region was the most ready to be developed. However, this is operated by a private company 3 years have more time, da he said.
Stating that the logistics center that will be established should be able to meet the needs of the companies, Gümrükçüoğlu said that a good planning should be made and said v The important thing is to be able to come forward and to develop. So if you are working with low capacity at the port of Trabzon, Rize harbor, Hopa today, you should look at yourself first. You have to hire the best foreign language speakers. You have to invite the best logistics companies. You need to provide advantages in transportation. The man in a race of the world is leaving from Leningrad, departing from Moscow, he can calculate which logistics area of ​​Bremen is in his container, how many hours to dismantle or assemble, and at what hour by train or by tug, what time it will be in place and how many liras he will pay for his stay. . This great race continues in the same way all over the world, Bu he said.
The contribution to the economy will be great
LOGISTICS center will make a great contribution to the region's economy of Orhan Fevzi Customs Union, the center will be entered into the race with the opening of the Middle East, Iran-Iraq line will be provided to all the best service, the most economic service will be given, he added. Gümrükçüoğlu, "If we can say that we are the most economical, other lines of Central Asian countries in a week if you are sending your product in three days we can say that if we do it wherever we do it is demanded there. What is important in this race is to do this editing and develop Önemli he said.

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