Trabzon has reached the logistics of thanks to the news

Trabzon logistics has gained thanks to the news: PRIME MINISTER Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's TTSO visit to the table laid the table Arsin Yeşilyalı Logistics and Industrial Center Project created great joy. CSOs and mayor candidates thought that iğ Trabzon has reached logistics şt that spread all over the city.
In Trabzon, the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association (CBD) was put forward by the Trabzon Center for the 2,5 year to try to mature Logistic Center will not be targeted to Çamburnu but Arsin Yeşilyalı'ya. The idea of ​​the fact that Sürmene Çamburnu, which was built as a shipyard, became a logistics base after the shipbuilding in the world ceased to be an attraction center due to the collapse of shipyard. This idea, which was put forward by the President of NAPA A. Hamdi Gürdoğan, attracted great attention. The great interest brought with him discussions. Operators of the port located in the center of Trabzon and operated by Albayraklar opposed the establishment of logistics to Çamburnu. Whether the center, whether or not the controversy took full 2 years of discussions.
Trabzon Governorship, Municipality, DOKA TTSO and DKİB delegations visited the logistics centers in the world. In the end, the decision was left to the invited logistics experts from Germany. Logistics experts from Germany examined the location. Arsin Yeşilyalı said that the most suitable one is this place. Minutes were kept at the meeting. However, Albayraklar did not allow this. Ministers could not overcome this problem. The problem was left to the prime minister. However, when Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was not aware of all these developments, he pointed to Of-İyidere Valley. He proposed a great logistics investment to the İyidere Valley. An intense debate came to the agenda when the logistics center arrived in Trabzon. This issue, which is of vital importance for Trabzon, was adopted until the end of the day. 2 has been released with full 18 logistic headline since October. The development supported by NGOs was put in front of the Prime Minister. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who visited TTSO the previous day, ordered the establishment of an Industrial Center along with a logistics base to Arsin Yeşilyalı, which was demanded by TTSO Management as a foundation for all developments. This development created great joy in Trabzon. We asked this to NGOs and some candidate candidates in the districts.
Mehmet Cirav (Commodity Exchange Chairman): I am very happy that the logistics center and the industrial center were taken to Arsin as well as İyidere. The region where the OSB meets the sea will now be an excellent logistics base. Likewise, İyidere will be an excellent logistics center where OSB meets the sea. I knew that the German logistics experts determined Arsin Yeşilyalı as the “best place Alman. But actually I did not believe the logistics base would be given to Trabzon. I congratulate Günebakış Newspaper in this sense. I called Ali Bey on this issue a few times. I would like to congratulate him, ”I have warned you that this work is futile” and he tells me every time: iş No, this is Trabzon's right. The trade center provision to Trabzon gave the date and trade. This event was not enough to tell the Prime Minister could not get drunk a said. He really believed in this. Once again I realized that it was half of everything. She went before she got tired of it. He collaborated with NGOs such as a non-governmental organization. He finally managed to tell the Prime Minister about this fact and indeed our Prime Minister has always been right next to him. He gave the right to Trabzon. I would like to congratulate Ali Öztürk and thank the Prime Minister.
Mustafa Yaylalı (Trabzon City Council President): A very important development for Trabzon. As previously stated in the statements we made as a City Council, the city of commerce, which is a significant city of the Silk Road, will be a project that will remove Trabzon, which is an important pillar of the Silk Road. To all those who contributed to this matter, to our Prime Minister, to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to all the non-governmental organizations in Trabzon, all of our non-governmental organizations showed great sensitivity in this regard. Special thanks to our Development Agency. It will fill an important shortcoming and will have a very important contribution to Trabzon. Trabzon has become a very important added value both in terms of logistics and Investment Island Project. It is a very important step. Thanks to everybody for their exertion. There is also an extension of the airport. The highways network there is also important. Now, the linking of the railway to the road with active modification will bring this to a very important stage. In addition, this situation will cause the destruction of the logic of production in Trabzon.
Hanefi Mahitapoğlu (President of MUSIAD Trabzon Branch): It is not enough for the Chamber of Commerce to approve this project. We have already said that NGOs did not do anything and TTSO should have a role in this. This work needs to be reflected in practical terms. TTSO has to go on this issue. This logistics center is a historic opportunity for Trabzon. It should be a point where the sea, rail, road and highway coordinates are related. We have stated that there should not be intermediate transportation. This study is also close to our expectations. So I think it's very important. I think we're missing the sea feet of this project. In maritime transport, I think that freight transportation should be created besides passenger transportation. The Chamber of Commerce and NGOs should definitely use this pillar. Because the highway is not in a position to respond to our increasing commercial potential at the point of transportation. In the near future the new coastal highway is no longer the hope. To alleviate this, the seaway must be activated.
Şaban Bülbül (President of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers): We have trouble talking about logistics. We changed our name. We defined TTSO as Technological Transfer Center. I was not present at the Prime Minister's meeting, but we are very pleased with the Prime Minister's positive attitude. We would like to thank the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Prime Minister who gave the necessary instructions for this project.
Ahmet Alemdaroğlu (Arsin OSB Chairman of the Board of Directors): We have previously forwarded such a project to a Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We had a thought under Arsin OSB, a port in Yeşilyalı and the growth of the logistic center and Organize on the Yeşilyalı side. However, due to financial reasons we could not sustain because of the trouble. Now our Prime Minister says it would work. When the Prime Minister says 'happens', flowing water stops. Hopefully it comes up and is signed. Because it's a difficult thing. Yeşilyalı'da structuring happened. Houses were built in this place from the municipality. Nevertheless, a very pleasing development, as I said, I hope it will come to life.
Ümit Çebi (Saadet Party, Araklı Mayor Candidate): This is a historic decision for Trabzon. I thank everyone who contributed to this. We always said that. Trabzon is not a normal province. Trabzon is one of the world's most famous, historical and cultural and strategic cities. Trabzon for many years, unfortunately, some people can not get the right to play because of each other. Logistics event was one of the sine qua non for Trabzon. I would like to thank those who contributed and Mr. Prime Minister. But of course I had a second request for the announcement I gave it. This is what we get from the Prime Minister after the logistics of Araklı'nın garbage. Hopefully, the Prime Minister gives a good news in Araklı. This historic hardship in Araklı is eliminated. Let me make it clear. I would like to congratulate Ali Öztürk on this issue. Really newspaper in his newspaper, as well as on the corner, as well as on the headlines and today's logistics in Trabzon Arsin District has a great contribution. I especially thank him. This logistics is a service concept that suits our Trabzon very well. I hope we will see a lot of benefits in time. Especially when the Bayburt Road of Araklı is opened, there is now one of Araklı Dağbaşı, which is the most famous historical Silk Road in Erzurum-Bayburt region. They started the second tunnel. After opening this, the importance of Logistics Center will be revealed more. I believe that this important service to be given to Trabzon in Trabzon over time will be more clearly revealed an investment that is given to Trabzon.
İsmail Keskin (President of Istanbul Chamber of Grocery and candidate for Mayor of Arsin): We would like to thank the Prime Minister for this. Arsin is ready for logistics. You know I'm also the president of the Association of Associations of Arsin. Now I have a statement about this. The Logistics Center must be established at Arsin. I also said that the place is absolutely Arsin, but as the place Sitilef Plain for this is what I said. Of course we are talking about the past that we say that at the same time being the president of the Federation of Arsin and I am the vice president of the Trabzon Federation. Both the NGOs and the politics of this work are connected with the subject of being on duty. He should make political things to talk or give his city, good things to do in his town. From this point of view, we said that we are in logistics in Arsin. It was nice for Arsin. It was nice for Trabzon. It was nice for our neighboring provinces. We are truly grateful to the Prime Minister. He knows best, makes the best, and sees the best. So we're from his organization, so that is spreading. God bless the good luck. Being in Arsin for both our province and our neighboring cities, we will have great support in the direction of Gümüşhane and Erzurum. Maybe he'il get a job. So this is a very nice study. It's very happy for us. In my opinion, the Prime Minister's speech should be evaluated as a day to be celebrated. You know, of course, we know about Arsin as a nominee for Arsin candidate. I think that the reason why I emphasize this task is also served to us in this task as a special agenda after that I think we evaluate. Or I talk about it, and I think it is always mentioned. I am very happy for the name and the name of my district, and I am very happy. We would like to thank and give our Prime Minister both the honor and great honor. We are grateful to them. I'm not going to be in this election work, if I have any candidate candidate friends, I will definitely say it. In fact, our district is an indispensable blessing both for our province and for our region.
AK Party Akcaabat Candidate Candidate Candidate President Mehmet Baş: As you know, both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Trabzon give a special importance. Therefore, Trabzon Logistics Center has been talking for a long time. There were discussions about where and when to do it. We would also like to thank Mr. Prime Minister for his decision. We would also like to thank him very much for the sensitivity of our Minister. The fact that the logistics was to be established in Arsin was also very important and beautiful in terms of transportation. In terms of being close to Trabzon, it will increase the mobility there. This is certainly an important gain for us in terms of transportation here will provide an extraordinary mobility in terms of transportation. I wish both Trabzon and our people good luck.
Ismail Hakki Kucukali, the candidate for the Mayor of Surmene: The Prime Minister gave what we wanted. Logistics to Yeşilyalı was already built as a shipyard. In other words, the foundation was laid. Now it was going on. If it were in Logistics Çamburnu, it would be done for us at a low cost. Whether it is in Yeşilyalı, we have both our logistics and our shipyard. Therefore, I express our gratitude to the prime minister. In addition, they will accelerate the Organized Industrial Zone to Vakfikebir. Help money, increased the allowance. We increased the techno city's allowance. We owe Thanksgiving. There are people who have contributed to the beginning of these Ali Öztürk I thank him very much. He put himself on his own. He printed it. He didn't worry about his tragedies. But Ali Ozturk did not step back and was successful. In the name of Trabzon, asked for the name of the region. Congratulations. We owe gratitude to the Prime Minister. I am very happy.
Rahmi Üstün (AK Party Survive Mayor candidate): We wanted to have Çamburnu Shipyard's logistics center. Previously it was spoken. Then he was told to shift to Iyidere. Now it is said that Arsin was taken to Yeşilyalı. Glad that the logistics center came to Trabzon. But from my point of view, I would like to have the logistics center of Sürmene Yeniay Çamburnu shipyard. It would be better if he was. Here, the port should be used as a discharge center. There's a lot of investment in the state. He's in a hurry. This needs to be evaluated in a way. As the shipyard collapses, the shipyard business will have to wait for many years. There's no point in waiting. In other words, a new port and breakwater will be built in Yeşilyalı. It's not necessary. There's a place in Surmene Çamburnu. Nevertheless, it is pleasing that the logistics center is in the Trabzon region. But the investment of the state needs to be evaluated. Çamburnu is in a position to be a logistics center. I'd like this place to be evaluated.
Selahattin Çebi (AK Party Candidate Candidate Araklı candidate): A place on Araklı historical Silk Road. It has historical port function. The new logistics center will be located in the middle of the south connection roads. Here are the Bayburt road of Araklı, the Gümüşhane road going from Maçka. Each time the Prime Minister comes to Trabzon with gospel. This time heralds the projects. This region deserves it. There was already a consensus about the fact that these projects were to be made to the region. Prime Minister's sensitivity to Arsin, OIZ, Araklı'ya showing us is important. I hope it will be even better. Arsin Yeşilyalı's logistics shows the importance that Mr. Prime Minister has given to Trabzon and explains the big projects. The AK Party Government is completing the projects in a short time. A policy outside the usual. Araklı Bayburt road is also done. This works on. Bayburt can be evaluated as a gateway to the south of Araklı. Arsin OSB is now about to complete the occupancy rate. The closest place to Arsin OSB is Arakli. Spoon location of Arkal can be supplemented to Arsin OSB. The southern ring road from Arsin OIZ to Ovit is also important. There will also be ways of connecting these routes to logistics. In summary, Mr. Prime Minister approved this project to be lifted and showed how important Trabzon is for him.
Eyüp Ergan (AK Party Yomra Mayor Candidate): General opinion here. That was something we've already been waiting for. It's pleasing. Both Yomra and Arsin will have great contributions to Trabzon. It was something he was waiting for in Trabzon. We think that it will contribute to us because it is close to the port and close to the airport. It was something he had been waiting for a long time. Logistics centers are becoming increasingly important and critical centers all over the world. The cargo stations within the city center; As in European countries, it is very important to establish in a modern way suitable for technological and economic developments, capable of responding to freight logistics needs, in an area that has efficient road transport and can be preferred by customers. In this respect, the logistics center in Trabzon will have a vital function.
Emin Uludüz (Trabzon TSO Assembly Member and CHP Vakfıkebir Mayor Candidate): Our Prime Minister visited Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We visited Arsin as Logistics Industry Zone. He wanted to have the file prepared and sent to him. Since Trabzon is a historical province, it should be built in Trabzon as it is locomotive. We certainly are not against making it to other provinces, it is not possible to make it to a small city. We have an air port with Trabzon Logistics Center. We already have a highway. Therefore, it is a right decision to make the Logistics Center to Trabzon. Trabzon must be done absolutely. I would like to thank our Prime Minister for her sensitivity regarding the Logistics Center.
Muhammet Balta (AK Party Vakfıkebir Mayor Candidate Candidate): During his visit to Trabzon, the Prime Minister has given a gospel for the Logistics Center. Logistics Center will change the face of our city which is the locomotive of the Black Sea Region and is located on the Historic Silk Road. Our city has three of the four elements that make up the logistics infrastructure. These are sea, land and air transportation. As the railway is also in the investment program, our Trabzon province is ready for Logistics Center. I would like to express our gratitude to the Prime Minister who has given this Logistics Center promise to our province.
Mehmet Alp (AK Party Vakfıkebir Mayor Candidate Candidate): This gospel given to our Prime Minister of Trabzon is a good news. We cannot thank the Prime Minister who gave the good news for the logistics center to be made to Trabzon. I believe that the fact that the logistics center will be built after Arsin will be a great contribution to our region in terms of employment. Hopefully, along with more ports, our railroad will take place and Trabzon will become the biggest city of the Black Sea. This means fulfilling our responsibility towards history.

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