Tokyo-Istanbul-London Speed ​​Train Line Not A Dream That Can Imagine

Tokyo-Istanbul-London High Speed ​​Line: A Suggestion That Can Be Realized, Not A Dream: Salih Bezci, President of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO), said that the high-speed train line departing from Tokyo and reaching London via Istanbul is a possible proposal. stated.
According to a written statement from ATO, Bezci received Tatsuya Kitamura, General Manager of Japan Nikkei Company, and Ken Yamaguchi, Director of Overseas Business Development, at his office. Informing Bezci about the state of trade relations between the two countries, Kitamura stated that economic relations could not reach the level of friendship for more than 100 years.
Stating that various events will be organized in their countries in 90 due to the 2014th anniversary of Turkish - Japanese relations, Kitamura stated that their companies will also hold meetings for the renewal of cities under the name of "Smart Cities Week" in October. Kitamura invited the ATO delegation to explain Ankara to the meeting where urban transformation and local issues will be discussed.
The ATO also Bezci Noting that Turkey's second largest room, the world's top 500 construction companies stressed that the members of 15 ATO.
Bezci stated that the high-speed train line departing from Tokyo and reaching London via Istanbul, voiced by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, is a possible proposal and said, “This proposal shows how wide the horizons of the Prime Minister are. He said, "It can be done, not imagined, and when it is done it makes a great contribution to world peace.
the development of commercial relations between Turkey and Japan also expresses Bezci would be positive for both countries, he urged Japanese firms to invest in Ankara.

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