What it means to build a railway between two continents

What does it mean to railroad between two continents: Turkey is now the cost of entry railroad era has been heavy. In fact, the railway is the infrastructure of the industrial revolution as a transportation system. Therefore, entering the railway age late means staying away from the industrial revolution. It has already been so. Turkey remained far from the industrial revolution and the problems it has experienced a very long time.
It identified the need to add the following: Turkey thwarts the huge territorial losses had never experienced this delay has maintained an important part of the empire.
Road and state
Sultan Abdülhamit Khan The historical consciousness of Turkish political history is an exceptional ruler in terms of understanding and managing international relations as well as understanding the spirit of time.
We can say that his Hejaz Railway Project is, in a sense, a project to integrate a significant part of the present-day Middle East geography into Anatolia with the possibilities of the new age. If the railways investments were made before and the country had this experience, if the Hejaz Railway Project could be started and completed earlier, the capture of present-day Syria and Arabia by the colonists could have been prevented. The West is fully aware of this and was not allowed because the project was too late.
The fact that the first Marmaray transition project was made during the reign of Abdulhamit Han is an event that will show the strategic mind of the West. Abdulhamit Han's misfortune is related to the fact that he had to try to overcome this issue with a delay of almost a century at a time when the West was progressing in industrialization.
The event referred to as the "Spirit of Time" is nothing but this. Industry is the spirit of the times, and empire at this time could not get out of the spirit of an ancient age, the "agricultural age".
Western intellectuals and bureaucrats in the empire, strangers to the spirit of the industrial age, idealized the bohemian life of the West, their way of life, their balls, poetry, theater, costumes, and pursued them. It is a world of backward mentality that cannot grasp change.
Turkey, despite all this empire has made about 16 thousand kilometers of railways. These delayed investments have contributed to the subsequent modernization efforts of countries that have not been overwhelmed by the empire, but have been separated and declared independence. For example, the main lines of the Greek railways still remain from the Turks. This is true for many other Balkan and Middle Eastern countries.
Global network
That means the time to integrate Turkey, because of the delay the dissolution can contribute to economic and social cohesion of the country rail network has become an opportunity for the newly established state could be called even have integrated them.
The length of the railway from the Empire to the Republic is 4 a thousand kilometers. The staff of the Republic is aware of the importance of the railway due to the problems they experienced in the empire. Despite the impossibilities in a closed peasant economy with a per capita income of around $ 50 per dollar, the 3 managed to build a thousand 700 miles.
Turkey, in particular of neglecting the railways, of losing this vision, problems of economic development, there has been a negative impact on the issue of extension of underdevelopment.
Today Turkey Marmaray while, at the same time laying the rails between the two continents reveals that prepared a new era. Marmaray'l to, with Turkey railways with new high-speed train project, the globalization process, is to build the infrastructure of the global network.
It's a good feeling to be tanked to take these historic steps.

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