This is a Bolu high-speed train though

This is a Bolu high-speed train, even though it does not occur: Bolu, although this place is not even though it happens !!! SözcüCity proving the correctness of the city. On the one hand the people who smell of hunger breath, on the other hand, among the richest cities in the country to take their place in the air. The most beautiful cities of our country, which is located in the most beautiful geography of the world, is one of the most beautiful cities. What industry, what agriculture! Nor do we have our door on regional development incentives. Just; the nature of the rich as a child takes the bagels, the prosperity of our wealth and those who do tourism literature ç
We do not know how to cry as the volunteer people who bury their dreams and do not show their tears, we always miss the trains at the stations we expect ini
In this period when the political winds prevailed, the train that took our hopes is fast and quiet est
It leaves a letter to Mudurnu Municipality. Thread: fast train. Mayor of Mudurnu sn. I would like to share the important places of Mehmet Inegol's letter.
-Ankara, Sincan, Beypazari, Çayirhan, Mudurnu, Sakarya, Kocaeli and Istanbul QUICK TRAIN was held in our district and in Ankara Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.
- In the presentations; Turkey for the first time 350 km / h speed Ankara-Istanbul will be times between the 1,5 hours, Beypazarı and Sakarya, Kocaeli mentioned the establishment of a second station.
- Bolu is the only station in this project is not given the name of Bolu. It is stated that the train that will take off from Ankara will take its first break at Beypazarı station, which is the 90.kilometer, and will take a break in the middle station of Sakarya-Kocaeli after 225 km.
- It is stated that there will be tourism and university city in every platform and 200 km to Ankara is 250 km to Istanbul. Beypazarı 90 km at both the airport and will be the fastest train station.
Divided; Kartalkaya, Abant, Golcuk and Seben Tasliyayla with lakes and ponds, nature, Akşemseddin, Tokad-i Hayrettin, Şeyh-ül İmran, Fahrettin Rumi, Abdurrahim Tırsi. summer four seasons sports activities and health units, a province to be utilized in all areas of tourism. At the same time, the entrance door of the Western Black Sea Aynı
- In addition to all of these features, there is a train line in the 133km section within the borders of Mudurnu district between 170 and 3 kilometers from Ankara. The line between 140 and 146 km is 7-10km to Mudurnu center, says sn.İnegöl X
It is time to unite the discourse of solidarity and solidarity not only in slogans in political squares, but in closed halls. It is time to unite in thoughts as a single voice, regardless of political opinion. Our executives are non-governmental organizations, and most importantly, forgotten about the incentives in the Eastern Marmara Development Agency. Even if not. If we could say we came together and we were here. If we don't kidnap the black train ...

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