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The train from Konya should arrive in Baku in the evening: Head of KOP Administration Prof. Dr. Mehmet Babaoğlu met with Citizens from KOP Region in İzmir
Konya, announcing its name as an agricultural city, pushed the button to turn into an industrial city. The next step in industrialization, which is already trying to feed the service sector, Konya, prefer to use the mixed-speed trend sideways.
The government of the AK Party, the Republic 100. Konya-Antalya High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Line, which it wants to train for the year, continues. The initiatives for the Konya-Aksaray-Nevşehir-Kayseri leg, which was left to the 2035 year of the project, are continuing.
Babaoğlu: gesi Industrialization is a necessity for KOP region Baba
Speaking at the meeting held at the association building of İzmir Konyalı Associations Association Federation (KONFED), chaired by Mehmet Aydoğan, Konya Plain Project (KOP) Regional Development Administration President Prof. Dr. Mehmet Babaoğlu, talked about the importance of the KOP for Turkey.
Turkey's 8 percent of the irrigable land in terms of stating KOP having xnumx's percent of agricultural activities as well as the need to invest in industrialization KOP Authority Chairman Prof. Dr. Mehmet Babaoğlu, the global climate change scenario will be the most affected by the KOP region should be remembered that the region, he said.
Underlining the fact that development will start with being an agricultural society and then continued with the industrialization and service sector, Babaoğlu said that Konya has achieved to be the agricultural society, which is the first leg of the development trend, and that the next targets are industry and service sector. Var KOP provinces have land for a total of 3 million hectares. If we want to irrigate all of this land if we use water, we need 15 billion cubic meters of water per year. The availability of our existing water resources is 4.3 billion cubic meters. Therefore, strengthening of industrialization, trade and other sectors for the KOP region is a necessity. Dolayısıyla
'Qatar evening from Konya should arrive in Baku “
high-speed train project Babaoğlu President stated that the chances for Turkey, one each meter rails laid by saying it is an important step for Turkey's modernization; Var Konya is in high need of a high-speed train, but it also needs 140-150 freight trains. the drawn lines become mixed passenger and cargo lines can be moved both industry if we win it, Turkey will win. Mixed line connecting between Konya and Mersin will be finished by 2017 Konya.
Starting from Antalya, Konya-Aksaray-Nevsehir and Kayseri, but the construction of the line is planned to be postponed until the 2035 year. Dr. Babaoğlu; Bizim In order to support the development of the region, our opinion should be the Konya-Antalya-Kayseri line. Konya, Kayseri and Sivas over Samsun port, more importantly, through Kars to connect to Tbilisi and Baku, even need. In other words, you can go to Baku by train overnight when you make a string from Konya. Yani
Im The only thing we need is common mind “
Reminding that the provinces of the project will be met with governors, mayors, rectors and technical delegations in Konya, Babaoğlu continued his speech as follows: teknik We will meet with the authorities of five provinces and we will evaluate the project. If there is a consensus on a mixed line, we will need the help and support of non-governmental organizations to enter the 2023 plan. If these projects are included in the 2023 year targets, the agriculture of the region will change in itself and start to industrialize. But the line that opens to Mersin port is also of great importance Ama
Aydoğan: v We will give all kinds of support to KOP Ayd
The Association of Association of Turkish Citizens Associations (KONFED), Izmir Civil Society Organizations Platform (İSTÖP) and Konyalılar Foundation President Mehmet Aydoğan stated that they would use and support all opportunities to win the KOP region.
Aydoğan thanked the President of the KOP, Mehmet Babaoğlu. Uz As the Izmir Civil Society Organizations Platform (İSTÖP), we work with 140 scientists and 6 universities as a solution factory. We pioneered the association over 100 in Izmir. We will carry out preparatory activities in our scientific committees together with our delegations. In making the conversion to Konya high-speed trains and mixed trains with 2023 plans necessary for taking it to the show will bring all the heads of Konya in Turkey. Mr. Prime Minister, our ministers reached the request to be put on the 2023 train Konya, "he said.

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