The most reliable place in the earthquake Marmaray tube gate

The most reliable place in the earthquake Marmaray tube gate: Marmaray, National Geographic was the subject of documentary. Experts say 'The most reliable place in the earthquake is the tube gateway'.
Marmaray, the project of the century, impressed the world. Thanks to the tube walkway that was lowered to the sea below 63 meters, it became possible to go from Asia to Europe in 4 minutes. However, the earthquake, which is expected to be in the mega city, brought the es security issue deprem to the agenda again.
Authorities, all the stations are expected to carry 1 million passengers a day when completed Marmaray'ın "safe," he said. The rail system, which was laid under the sea, was a documentary on the National Geographic channel. Experts, the stage of the passage of the tube reflected the screen, Marmaray's earthquake resistance discussed. Foreign authorities, including the Japanese companies in the construction of the rail system, the Anatolian Fault Line 20 kilometers passing by drawing attention, sistem Istanbul is an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 awaits. The most reliable place in the city is Marmaray. Even if each place is demolished, the tube is left standing. There will be no destruction in Marmaray ım. Thus, the reliability of the tube passage is documented worldwide. The last point was put on the discussions.

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