Tender Announcement: Stone Wall Construction (Polatlı-Konya YHT Line KM: 58 + 020-58 + 800)

TCDD Auctions and tender results
TCDD Auctions and tender results

Stone Wall
General Directorate of State Railways (Turkish State Railways) General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD)
Polatlı-Konya YHT Line KM: 58 + 020-58 + 800 will be built between the Stone Wall and the construction work will be tendered by open tender procedure according to the article 4734 of the Public Procurement Law No. 19. Detailed Information about the auction can be found down below.

Tender Registration Number: 2013 / 162513
1 of Administration
a) Address: Talatpasa Bulvari Gar / ANKARA Gar ALTINDAĞ / ANKARA
b) Telephone and fax number: 3123090515 - 3123090575
c) E-mail Address: barkonburcincecen@tcdd.gov.tr
d) The internet address where the tender document can be seen: https://ekap.kik.gov.tr/EKAP/
2-Construction work
a) Quality, type and quantity: Detailed information on the nature, type and quantity of the tender can be reached from the administrative specification contained in the tender document contained in the EKAP (Electronic Public Procurement Platform).
b) Location: POLATLI
c) Date of commencement: within 10 days from the date of signature of the contract
work place delivery will start.
d) Duration of work: 120 (Hundred Twenty) is the calendar day from the place delivery.
3- Tender
a) Place of work: YHT Regional Directorate Tender Office Side of Train Station Ulus Altındağ ANKARA
b) Date and time: 05.12.2013 - 14: 00

Tender notices published on our website are for information only and do not replace the original document. The original document is valid for the differences between published documents and original tender documents. Our sources are Official Gazette, Daily Newspapers, Public Institutions and Institutions web pages.


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