TCDDden Description of the train crash

TCDDden for the train accident Description: TCDD, Adana-Mersin between the level crossing of the stone between the barrier to the level of the barrier said that the stone.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) by, 2 days ago Adana-Mersin flight of which the truck with the passenger train collision accident occurred, the barrier arm to keep some people the barriers open reportedly caused by putting stones.
In a written statement made by TCDD, 6 2013 07.20 01 on the passenger train in Adana-Mersin, Yenice-Tarsus between the automatic barrier with Yunusoglu level crossing the sound and light warning despite the uncontrolled 11 ADM 2 plate truck hit the uncontrolled XNUMX and the incident XNUMX person he was reminded that he had lost his life.
KazanIn the statement, which was stated in the news titled "Defective crossing caused the accident" in some press organizations after the attack, it was stated that the level crossing was not defective as stated in the news.
In the statement highlighting that the maintenance of the barrier level crossings in the network of TCDD is done in a timely manner according to the relevant maintenance instructions, the following were recorded:
"KazanThe last control and maintenance of the barrier level crossing, where the fire occurred, was carried out 1 day ago, on November 5, 2013, at 16.00. As a result of the examination of the security camera recordings related to the accident, it was seen that the barrier arms were lifted up and stones were placed under them, one and a half hours before the accident took place, by two persons who were not related to our Corporation. The matter has been referred to the Prosecutor's Office and investigations are continuing.
In addition, the accident caused by the engineer from the moment of entry into the field of warning by the machine whistle warning, the bells of the crossing of the level crossing and flashers, despite the warnings of the 01 ADM 11 plate, causing the accident, and without stopping the speed of the vehicle driver entering the barrier level crossing is seen.

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