Thinking of the ropeway

Drive to the ropeway I think:% completed the projects 99'in Usta, ropeway project can not do, he said. Master drew new targets and said, yıl I want another 5 year. Ust

Günebakış: Mr. President, you left Trabzon to serve your own district with great desire and desire and came to Surmene. You are filling your 5 year. How did 5 year? You really started with great hope and great excitement. What point did you come to?

Fikri Usta: When we first started, there is a big difference between Sürmene and Sürmene today. 15 days ago Mr. Asim Aykan, came here. 'You retired, you gave 45 years of labor in Trabzon. And why did you come into this trouble? I traveled by the eyes of the municipality. I couldn't do the municipalization at your age, 'he said. We really did a lot of things. When I started as mayor, we had a district called Balıkhane. We got in there so it's not possible to walk out of mud and water. They gave me a boot. Now, the best place in Surmene was a place where people can sit comfortably with pool. We built a closed market area around the 4-5 landmark for women. After we made this place, they said, 'President, you made this place, but we can't leave our machines and go to the mosque. Make us a small mosque. ' We did it too. Women; I stand on it. While I was in junior high school, I was waiting for my mother to come back to the market. All the women would sit on the ground, while all the women were waiting. Inspired by this event, we have built Hanımlar Evi in ​​Köprübaşı Durağı. We made a nice room with air conditioning, tea machine, masjid, breastfeeding room and seating. In other words, we tried to make Sürmene more livable. In addition, Mr. Faruk Özak made a request by making a project while he was the Minister of Sport. We built a hiking trail around the 2 kilometer and illuminated it. So people can go on the beach now. In the summer, everyone can easily walk out on the beach.

What is the cost of your project?

Fikri Usta: 180 thousand pounds. In the project, we make 320 tree, sitting and painting places.

Can we say that it is becoming a livable district?

Fikri Usta: For example, we had a water problem. The county has taken its water from the wells for years. There are two shortages of water from the well. The first one works with an electric motor. When the electricity was cut, the water was cut off. When the water was cut for a long time, there was a danger of poisoning when we distributed this water. When we saw this situation, we immediately put a generator in that area. 2-3 days can be managed with the generator even if the waters are cut. When we saw that this is not a complete solution, we made a joint project with Araklı Municipality. We made the tender to buy water from Horyan Creek for 21 million pounds. The project started, and according to our estimates, the 2014 will end in June. Thus both 50 of the two towns will not have a drinking water problem during the year and the water will be cheaper. I made the 99 of my promises. I couldn't make a single project promise, it's a ropeway project. I didn't do this project because it was too expensive to drive. I brought the Italian company that built the ropeway project in Ordu. We put the project on the table and said it would cost 15 million pounds. We first thought to do it with build-operate-transfer model. They offered to make 2 partners with 3 partner and municipality. Our work and negotiations continue but it is a very expensive project. If done with build-operate-transfer model, we will perform the project.

Günebakış: According to you, the ropeway project is rewarded with build-operate-transfer model?

Fikri Usta: Finds. We met with the Army Mayor. He told us, ol We've got a queue and we can't find time to cut tickets. Uz Even if it wasn't that long in Sürmene, it's enough for a third of the Army. There is a foundation hotel at the place where the lift will be, but there is also space for other services. If this happens, there will be other investments.

günebakış: What do you think about the coming period?

Fikri Usta: We started the study of natural gas. If Allah does, we want to finish this project in the coming period. We're planning to finish at 2014. Also, the farmland in Surmene is very close to the city. We would like to get the land away from the city and give land to the town. After solving this problem, we have the Southern Ring Road Project between Küçükdere Road and Çamburnu. We made the offer. This project will be implemented after 2014.

günebakış: Why did you do this project? Need such a way?

Fikri Usta: We consider this project necessary for Sürmene to grow inward. If the Peripheral Road passes through the south, it grows into the inner parts.

sunshine: I guess this is a project.

Fikri Usta: The cost of this project will be around 10 million lira. The construction of this road project will add a completely different atmosphere to the city. From here to the road to Köprübaşı Road as a double road between our projects.

sunday: So, how much college students do you have?

Fikri Usta: 4-5 There are about one thousand university students.

Daycare: Satisfied students?

Fikri Usta: I don't think he's happy. Students do not want to stay in dorms. They want to stay in homes. And there are no places where they can evaluate them as social areas. That's why we intend to promote apartments first. We are also planning to grant zoning permits for these apartments.

sunshine: Thank you.

Fikri Usta: Thank you.

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